Sunday, January 30, 2011

Strawberry mousse and Joconde Imprime

Daring bakers is sure a daring one to try and succeed...It was so much fun making it,this time I made Joconde Entremets with my daughter's favorite Strawberry mousse...Sure...I read a lot(Not even studied this much for my was really really reborned when the real master piece came out...
For the mousse,Its my usual recipe,used by my mother and now my daughter too...I luv the eggless mousse since it always stands out with incomparable flavor..

Strawberry Mousse-Eggless
Strawberry-12 nos
Fresh Cream-250 ml
Sugar-According to the taste,I added 3 tbsp
Gelatine-3 tsps
Water-half cup

1.Mix gelatine and water in a heavy bottom pan..Heat on slow fire to dissolve it..Keep aside
2.In separate pan,Mix strawberry and Sugar.Keep on the fire for a few minutes to dissolve the sugar
3.Add the gelatine solution for the lukewarm fruity.Cool
4.Chill in the freezer for about 20 minutes only,till thick,but not set
5.Beat the cream till it peaks out
6.Fold the cream with the thickened fruity
7.Refrigerate for 3-4 hours till set

 *For those ,who avoid gelatin,Can substitute 2 tsps of agar-agar
  *Strain the fruit puree to avoid more lumps and bubbles

Here is my entremet ,with the mousse and Strawberry filling and its ready for tonite dinner party....
I am sending this to Delicious Desserts,hosted by Ally


  1. wow...amazing presentation...very refreshing ,healthy and yummy mousse...tempting color

  2. I always wanted an eggless mousse recipe. Thanks will try.

  3. Perfectly yummy :) The cake pattern is awesome :) could of posted more pics of the cake na!! its too good.

  4. That sounds soooo romantic :) loved the cute baby pink color!

    US Masala

  5. The cake pattern is good. I make mousse using agar agar.

  6. Mousse looks very tempting and so is the cake,hope you had a great time enjoying it!

  7. Jaconde imprime looks fabulous, love that eggless mousse..

  8. the pink and creamy texture...aahh! truly divine. Thanks for the entry dear!

  9. Fabulous joconde and I'm in love with the pink mousse :-)

  10. It's everywhere jaconde DB is very infectious :-) the wavy pattern over the sponge..almost reminds me waves swaying thro :)..eggless mousse looks good too..hugs and smiles

  11. Mousse looks fantastic priya! clicks are nice.

    Unga school memories-a gnabagappaduththi vittuttenaa? thanks for stopping by at my mokkai!;) :)

  12. First time on your blog and I love all the recipes! Keep inspiring :)

  13. can't help following a chennai follower :P. i've been looking for some easy recipe to use up my fresh cream stock. apart from choc mousse and this, which are the fruits used for mousse generally?

  14. hi kitchenmorph, Mango,Lime,Pineapple,kiwi,Passion Fruit,Pears and Any berry fruits are used for mousse..U can try any of my icecream recipe and stock for summer...Or U can quickfix with my mango pudding here,


Thank you

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