Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sakkarai Pongal

Wish u all "happy pongal"......Making pongal in traditional way is a long process(not to use the word "difficult" anymore),I am making it all alone for Third time here,to ponder u some tips.... Thai is the first month of tamil year and its welcomed as pongal,by thanking the farmers and kathiravan(the sun) who are the only prime feeders...I am a born tamilian from Thanjavur,so called "Ner Kalanjiyam" ..To make pongal,the auspicious time is found by ignoring Raghu kalam and emakandam....Its best to keep pongal in old traditional way and in veragu adupu where the sun can be seen...

This is my milk pongal panai,

and my Sakkarai pongal panai...

Add some water and a glass of milk and bring to boil

Wash rice and keep aside

Once,the milk over flows,add the rice to it....Cook the rice in low flame

Once the rice is cooked ,u can drain the water if u have excess of it...

Take equal amount of Jaggery to the rice and dissolve them in water
If the jaggery is yellow in color,add some more
Strain the jaggery water and add it to cooked rice

Once the pongal is ready,add some ghee,Cardomon powder and fried cashews and raisins
The pongal can be in flowing consistency,as it takes sometime to thicken....

Yummy pongal is ready for ....No No...Not to eat now....


  1. Wish you a very happy pongal :) Lovely pics.. looks really festive and nice :)

  2. Hey,

    Happy pongal to you!!:)


  3. very yummy ! sending you & family sweet pongal greetings !

  4. Happy Pongal wishes to you and your family..beautiful clicks and tempting pongal.

  5. Wish you a very happy pongal :) Lovely pics.. looks really DELICIOUS...

  6. That looks aweosme ur pongal! Happy Pongal!

  7. I always make pressure cooker method,this is very traditional,good that you follow...

  8. Happy pongal....wonderful pics festive and traditional...

  9. That very nice.I always appreciate these traditional cooking lovely.hugs and smiles

  10. delicious ! I will defiantly try it thanks to post such a testy recipe and keep posting such delicious recipes , Regards, sakkarai pongal recipe


Thank you

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