Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cream Center-Restaurant Review

I am sure ,i am going to blog regularly this year.....Cream Center is the most wanted veg restaurant,and its quit popular for its multi cuisine food..They serve North Indian, Mexican, Italian and Lebanese..I been there many times and recently too..

Its located both in R.A puram and Nungambakam ,need not to say its all over india

We ordered for nachos as starter,they call it as signature dish..Though i found it too cheesy,my daughter enjoyed to the core

The salsa is very indianised,its not neccessay to be called as world's best....It cant even go near to the krikland brand..

The pizza is an actual killer,since its authentic Italian one with corn,olives,sun dried tomatoes,
I enjoyed it so much..

(Pic Courtesy:Nithya from 4th Sense Cooking)

They have the trademark north indian dishes,still batura rocks the place

 (Pic Courtesy:Nithya from 4th Sense Cooking)

even with the lip smacking chole....

 (Pic Courtesy:Nithya from 4th Sense Cooking)

My husband would die for these onion rings...worth a try

(Pic Courtesy:Nithya from 4th Sense Cooking)

And my most fav,yummy sizzler with kofta,rice,rajma curry,chips,potato wedges and grilled vegetables...

The desserts are limited,the icecreams and the fruit juices are the best way to end the meal
Cream center is the best to hangout with their limited dishes....Check here for more.


  1. Hi. have visited this place several times but I felt that the mexican was just about okay and even other preparations also in average range.
    You must try bon appetite for mexican, it's really good.

  2. so u dated with Nits? ;) lucky girl!! I want to meet her so badly! :(

    havent been to this place, will try to drop in next time in the city!

    Loving all your recipes..step by step detailed clear illustrations!!

    by the way its not the blogiversary but my b'day :)..hope you dint read it right :)..

  3. haahaa...
    Thank u for ur support,bharathy
    u can chk my comment now...missed the word blog* :)

  4. ROFL :D :D pasi vanthal pathum parakkum...blogversary-birthday confusion entha moolai? ;)...
    seri koncham appidi varra vazhi wish pannuveengannu
    (oru b;day wish koode pidungi vanga vendiyirukku :();)

  5. Hi Priya...
    U have wonderful and delicious space.... Thanks for visisting my blog.... :)

  6. Lovely review and I agree with your opinion abt Cream center. Its for sure a nice place for vegetarians and I love the sizzling sundae dessert the best over there :)

    The pizza looks way too tempting :) yummm and for sure the sizzler. But I really dint like the onion rings since they were too oily. I like R.A.puram branch since it has a lovely ambiance :)

    @Bharathy - eeeeeeeeeee :) your comment makes me smile too wide ;) Book me an appointment right away to meet you when you come down to chennai :)And I am sure it would be really good when Priya is around too :)

  7. Yes- You are right,the pizza does look very authentic in the pictures too and loved the way they serve their onion rings:) Nice review too!!!

  8. Hi There - Cream centre is right across from my brother's place and we go there every time I visit him - LOVE that place and their veggie sizzler and pastas!

  9. Thanks for the review,will check this place out on my next India trip.

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