Sunday, January 30, 2011

Strawberry mousse and Joconde Imprime

Daring bakers is sure a daring one to try and succeed...It was so much fun making it,this time I made Joconde Entremets with my daughter's favorite Strawberry mousse...Sure...I read a lot(Not even studied this much for my was really really reborned when the real master piece came out...
For the mousse,Its my usual recipe,used by my mother and now my daughter too...I luv the eggless mousse since it always stands out with incomparable flavor..

Strawberry Mousse-Eggless
Strawberry-12 nos
Fresh Cream-250 ml
Sugar-According to the taste,I added 3 tbsp
Gelatine-3 tsps
Water-half cup

1.Mix gelatine and water in a heavy bottom pan..Heat on slow fire to dissolve it..Keep aside
2.In separate pan,Mix strawberry and Sugar.Keep on the fire for a few minutes to dissolve the sugar
3.Add the gelatine solution for the lukewarm fruity.Cool
4.Chill in the freezer for about 20 minutes only,till thick,but not set
5.Beat the cream till it peaks out
6.Fold the cream with the thickened fruity
7.Refrigerate for 3-4 hours till set

 *For those ,who avoid gelatin,Can substitute 2 tsps of agar-agar
  *Strain the fruit puree to avoid more lumps and bubbles

Here is my entremet ,with the mousse and Strawberry filling and its ready for tonite dinner party....
I am sending this to Delicious Desserts,hosted by Ally

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cream Center-Restaurant Review

I am sure ,i am going to blog regularly this year.....Cream Center is the most wanted veg restaurant,and its quit popular for its multi cuisine food..They serve North Indian, Mexican, Italian and Lebanese..I been there many times and recently too..

Its located both in R.A puram and Nungambakam ,need not to say its all over india

We ordered for nachos as starter,they call it as signature dish..Though i found it too cheesy,my daughter enjoyed to the core

The salsa is very indianised,its not neccessay to be called as world's best....It cant even go near to the krikland brand..

The pizza is an actual killer,since its authentic Italian one with corn,olives,sun dried tomatoes,
I enjoyed it so much..

(Pic Courtesy:Nithya from 4th Sense Cooking)

They have the trademark north indian dishes,still batura rocks the place

 (Pic Courtesy:Nithya from 4th Sense Cooking)

even with the lip smacking chole....

 (Pic Courtesy:Nithya from 4th Sense Cooking)

My husband would die for these onion rings...worth a try

(Pic Courtesy:Nithya from 4th Sense Cooking)

And my most fav,yummy sizzler with kofta,rice,rajma curry,chips,potato wedges and grilled vegetables...

The desserts are limited,the icecreams and the fruit juices are the best way to end the meal
Cream center is the best to hangout with their limited dishes....Check here for more.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Arachuvitta Sambar

I made this sambar on pongal,which is made in every home on pongal...This traditonal sambar will carry 21 vegetables,dals,sprouts,groundnuts and channa...You can also make this sambar without vegetables or just with small onions...

Dry Roast all these spices until it turns light brown...If u are not good in dry roast,u can add a drop of oil and roast them until the aroma comes out...Make a fine powder of them

Soak a small ball tamarind in water..and extract the juice from the pulps

Pressure Cook the vegetables to as much as soft it could be

Cook the dal well and add it to the vegetables

Add the tamarind juice to it

Add the spicy sambar powder to  it

Allow them to boil for 10-15 minutes

Meanwhile Fry the mustard seeds, Onions,Tomato and Curry leaves

Add the Seasoning to sambar,and its done   

Recipe for Arachuvitta Sambar
Toor dal-1 cup
Vegetables/Small Onion-150 gms
Tamarind-A Small ball
Turmeric powder-half tsp

To Powder
Dry Red Chillies-6-8
Coriander seeds/Dhaniya-One tbsp
Channa dal-half tbsp
Fenugreek seeds-half tsp
Cumin seeds-half tsp
Cocount grated-1 tbsp

For Seasoning/Thalipu
Oil-4 tsps
Asafoedia –a pinch
Curry leaves-10 leaves
Coriander-2-3 stems
Salt to taste

1.Wash and Cook the Toor dal with turmeric powder with 3 cups of water
2.Cut the vegetables and Pressure cook than until soft and firm
3.Dry roast the spices,cool it and powder them well
4.Soak the tamarind pulp and extract the juice of it
5.Mix the vegetables and toor dal in cooking pan and bring to boil
6.Add the tamarind extact asafoedia and the sambar powder to the dal
7.For the seasoning ,saute the mustard seeds,onion,tomato and Curry leaves
8.Pour the seasoning and Coriander leaves to the sambar and its done

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sakkarai Pongal

Wish u all "happy pongal"......Making pongal in traditional way is a long process(not to use the word "difficult" anymore),I am making it all alone for Third time here,to ponder u some tips.... Thai is the first month of tamil year and its welcomed as pongal,by thanking the farmers and kathiravan(the sun) who are the only prime feeders...I am a born tamilian from Thanjavur,so called "Ner Kalanjiyam" ..To make pongal,the auspicious time is found by ignoring Raghu kalam and emakandam....Its best to keep pongal in old traditional way and in veragu adupu where the sun can be seen...

This is my milk pongal panai,

and my Sakkarai pongal panai...

Add some water and a glass of milk and bring to boil

Wash rice and keep aside

Once,the milk over flows,add the rice to it....Cook the rice in low flame

Once the rice is cooked ,u can drain the water if u have excess of it...

Take equal amount of Jaggery to the rice and dissolve them in water
If the jaggery is yellow in color,add some more
Strain the jaggery water and add it to cooked rice

Once the pongal is ready,add some ghee,Cardomon powder and fried cashews and raisins
The pongal can be in flowing consistency,as it takes sometime to thicken....

Yummy pongal is ready for ....No No...Not to eat now....

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Happy new year.....Wish u a grand and successfull year 2011...
I am back with a birthday cake which i made for a friend who is a musician/choco-holic...

I made chocolate cake as base

Some chocolate ganache with cream and melted chocolate

Piped some swirls on sides

She likes Caramel toffees...So,I placed Cadbury's nutties

Yummy Truffle Cake is ready :)
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