Thursday, December 02, 2010

Chocolate Cupcakes and MEC-Sweets Roundup

I was wondering how i am gonna manage to do the event...Whenever i sit  for the lappy ,hansika sits on my lap and starts operating...I am going nuts to know my daughter is working on it so early...Its my hubby who taught her when i was not around..ahemmm..So,its hard for me to reach these gadgets...

It was a mid night baking after a long time....and clicked these shots in a cloudy ,lazy and drizzling morning..

Cocoa powder-half cup
Hot water-one cup
APF/maida-1+1/3 cup
Baking powder-2 tsps
Sugar-1 cup or more
Salt-half tsp
Butter-half cup
Vanilla Essence-1 tsp

For the Frosting
Chocolate-4 oz
Butter-150 gms
Icing Sugar-160 gms
Vanilla essence-half tsp


Mix the flour,Baking powder and the salt

Beat the butter and Sugar,until it turns fluffy and creamy

Add the eggs one by one butter mix,and beat them well
Add the flour mix little by little and mix them well

Add the hot water to a bowl of cocoa powder ,mix without lumps and let it cool

Add the cocoa thing to butter batter

Pour it in cupcake moulds and bake it for 190*C for 20 minutes in a pre-heated oven

For Frosting,Mix all the ingredients and apply on the cupcakes


And they are ready....I found the cakes are very mild sweet and after frosting...It was perfect for me...Check the batter for the sweetness,before u bake them
A must try recipe...

MEC-Sweets Roundup
Thank you for sending these wonderful dishes
Priya from Easy and Tasty recipes-Cornmeal kesari and  Dates n Rice Flakes Pudding

Nivedita from Nivedita's Kitchen-Rabdi

Monika from Sin-a-Mon-Milk Dates Peda

Vidya Iyer from Iyer Cooks-Rava kesari

Sowmya from Cultural Creatives-Almond Milk Fudge

Priya Srinivasan-En Veetu Kitchen-Almond Anjeer Choco Ladoo

Savitha from Savitha's Kitchen-Rice Kheer

Rupali from Recipe GrapBag-Date and Cashew Burfi

Shobaa from Food Mazaa-5 minute Burfi

Sameera-Caramel Pudding

And last,but not least-Srivalli's
Moong dal payasam

Thank you for sending the entries and Thank you valli,for giving me the opportunity to host this event...


  1. Cupcakes looks sooo cute and irresisitble..

    Excellent roundup Priya..

  2. Cup cakes look so cute and tasty.Wonderfully presented in that cute basket.
    Nice round up.

  3. Beautiful presentation of cupcakes and nice roundup too

  4. Nice round up...and lovely cup cakes.When I try one of these I will call up for clarifications.

  5. Wow.. the cake looks simply fantastic :) love it :)

  6. they look perfectly divine and lovely roundup!

  7. hey,

    YOU missed mine in your round up...


  8. Cupcakes are so inviting. Nice round up Priya.

  9. Delicious and cute cupcakes with cute presentation...Lovely roundup!

  10. Yummilicious cupcakes.. and wonderful round up... i have a question though.. y some pics are not visible?

  11. Very pretty looking cup cakes and love the basket a lot priya! Nice job with the round up!

  12. What a terrific round-up Priya,we have all the sweets under one roof now;) Gives us yet another excuse to try out all these goodies.You have been tagged in the questionnaire post on my blog today,please check it out:)!!!

  13. That's a great round up..thank you for hosting Priya..lovely cupcakes...

  14. wowwwwwwwwwww.........

    So many varieties of SWEETS at one place!!??

    I have not seen these many varieties even in a big sweet shop....


    Thanks for visiting my blogspot...

  15. this is wonderful.....must try out all the recipe...

  16. Hi Priya,

    Thanx for including mine in the round up but the link you have given is that of Sri valli's my dear...Please correct it...Thanx...



Thank you

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