Friday, November 26, 2010

Coconut Burfi - Microwave Cooking

I have seen making of coconut burfi many times and even tried on stove-top.....This time ,i tried it in microwave and to my surprise its too easy and turns out the best to have ,during festival season...

Coconut,freshly grated-2 cups
Sugar-1 and half cups
Coconut milk powder-50 gms(optional)
Condensed milk-1/3 cup(optional)
Rava/Semolina-2-3 tbsps
Ghee-2 tbsps
Cashew nuts,chopped-10

Add 2 tbsps of ghee and cashews ,roast them in microwave high for 1 min

Remove the cashews ,add the grated coconut in remaining ghee and roast them for 2 mins in high

Stir in between with a spoon

Roast the rava in same bowl until it turns light brown

Mix Fried Cashews ,Rava,Elaichi Powder and Coconut with a spoon
(if u mix with hands,the rava will come off )

Take sugar and add little water..Less the water,Sooner the syrup

Microwave high for 4-5 minutes ,until it reach string consistency

To test,drop the syrup in water,the syrup should flow as string and takes time to dissolve in water

Once,the syrup is ready,add the condensed milk and coconut milk powder

and the coconut mix,microwave high for 4-5 minutes
If u didnt add condensed milk,nor the CM powder,u can keep only 2 minutes..

Grease the plate.I usually foil the plate as it is easy to remove the burfi without breaking

All the moisture must be absorbed and it leaves some ghee in sides

Check the burfi,if u could roll a soft,dense ball...
If u want harder burfis microwave them for somemore time

 Once ready,Pour the coconut mix soon in the plate
Spread it evenly with greased knife

Let the burfi cools down to half,level the edges too

When times passes by,burfi shrinks and stays in stiff consistency
So,before it turns hard,cut the burfis into desire shapes
(Dont drag the knife,since the coconut chunks will come out)
Onces it dries out,lift the foil to remove each piece...

Yummiest burfi is ready from microwave cooking...My hubby couldnt stop eating it...The outside is crunchy and juicy in , really made my day.....
I will be sharing this burfi for Srivalli's MEC -Sweets-November,hosted by "yours only"
So Please Send in ur entries too ,before this 30th Nov....


  1. Oh! I love it... It has been very long since I have really savored it.... But u kinda got me recollecting childhood memories related to this delicacy... Hugs))))


  2. Wow nice clicks...looks perfect too. Nice rich and creamy coconut burfi.

  3. looks really wow! and the way u have explained really wants me to get to the kitchen n start making !

  4. Hi Priya,

    Lovely burfi...havent tried in micro...:)


  5. Looks yummy Priya :) And it sounds simple when done is microwave too :)

    I just love the lamp in the first pic :) looks really nice :)

  6. My fav one priya.. pictures are super and the last one in class.

  7. wow.. Burfi in microwave..Will try it soon..


  8. This is my childhood favourite and love the way it is prepared in microwave...Good work priya

  9. Nice clicks Priya.Love coconut burfi and this looks real yumm.

  10. Coconut burfi looks delicious. Loved the step by step pics.

  11. Priya...burfi super...really tempting..vizhakku...romba cute...

  12. thats a nice way of making burfi and it came out very perfect.

  13. looks so yummy Priya. I never tried coconut burfi before. will try this MW version

  14. Priya...

    Its quite long since i have tasted COCONUT BURFI....

    That is solved now... Had tasted few pieces from here and its tasting superb....


  15. I always try rava kesari in MW but never tried burfi. This looks perfectly cooked and yummy. Will try this one..


Thank you

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