Friday, November 26, 2010

Coconut Burfi - Microwave Cooking

I have seen making of coconut burfi many times and even tried on stove-top.....This time ,i tried it in microwave and to my surprise its too easy and turns out the best to have ,during festival season...

Coconut,freshly grated-2 cups
Sugar-1 and half cups
Coconut milk powder-50 gms(optional)
Condensed milk-1/3 cup(optional)
Rava/Semolina-2-3 tbsps
Ghee-2 tbsps
Cashew nuts,chopped-10

Add 2 tbsps of ghee and cashews ,roast them in microwave high for 1 min

Remove the cashews ,add the grated coconut in remaining ghee and roast them for 2 mins in high

Stir in between with a spoon

Roast the rava in same bowl until it turns light brown

Mix Fried Cashews ,Rava,Elaichi Powder and Coconut with a spoon
(if u mix with hands,the rava will come off )

Take sugar and add little water..Less the water,Sooner the syrup

Microwave high for 4-5 minutes ,until it reach string consistency

To test,drop the syrup in water,the syrup should flow as string and takes time to dissolve in water

Once,the syrup is ready,add the condensed milk and coconut milk powder

and the coconut mix,microwave high for 4-5 minutes
If u didnt add condensed milk,nor the CM powder,u can keep only 2 minutes..

Grease the plate.I usually foil the plate as it is easy to remove the burfi without breaking

All the moisture must be absorbed and it leaves some ghee in sides

Check the burfi,if u could roll a soft,dense ball...
If u want harder burfis microwave them for somemore time

 Once ready,Pour the coconut mix soon in the plate
Spread it evenly with greased knife

Let the burfi cools down to half,level the edges too

When times passes by,burfi shrinks and stays in stiff consistency
So,before it turns hard,cut the burfis into desire shapes
(Dont drag the knife,since the coconut chunks will come out)
Onces it dries out,lift the foil to remove each piece...

Yummiest burfi is ready from microwave cooking...My hubby couldnt stop eating it...The outside is crunchy and juicy in , really made my day.....
I will be sharing this burfi for Srivalli's MEC -Sweets-November,hosted by "yours only"
So Please Send in ur entries too ,before this 30th Nov....

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Homemade Gulab Jamuns and Microwave Cooking-Sweets Event

I am sharing this yummiest sweet for this deepavali/diwali....Before ,We hook onto the recipe....My blogger friend Srivalli, has requested to host the event of Microwave cooking for Sweets,for this November....Last year,I conducted Diwali contest and did some giveaways....But couldnt make this year,and while srivalli had so much patience to request me,I didnt want to disappoint her too...After a clash of words,we settled for SWEETS to destress ourselves from the busy schedules...

 After all festivals will go incomplete without a sweet meet,Right???
So ,I am waiting for your microwave'd sweet dishes,please post and send the entries before Nov 30th,2010

Here are the rules made out for the event
1. The entire cooking has to be done in the microwave. You can use food processor for grinding but no stove top cooking.
2. Entries posted from today onwards till Nov 30th 2010 is acceptable.
3. Send me your entries to with the following details
Subject - MEC:Sweets

Blog name:
Recipe name:
Recipe URL:

A photo of the final dish:
4. Please use the event logo if possible. Your entry post should contain a link to 
this event announcement and Srivalli's MEC Announcement.

5. Multiple entries are welcome. If any of your previous  festive posts qualify for this theme, you can send them, but it should be re posted with the link to the event announcement.
6. Non-bloggers are invited to participate in the event. You can mail me your recipe and a photograph of the dish to the mail id mentioned above.
7. Multiple recipes are permitted and Recipes submitted to other events are also permitted.

Recipe For Homemade Gulab Jamuns
Unsweetened Khoya-2 cups
Maida-1 cup
Baking Powder- half tsp
Oil to deep fry

For Syrup
Sugar-1 and half cups
Water-half cup
Rose essence-1 tsp or
Cardamom powder-half tsp

Always grate the khoya before using it...So,the moisture could absorb the flour very well.
*Usually,I dont add water or milk,So the jamuns really stays for longer period 

Add  maida,pinch of baking powder to grated khoya and knead them(with ur fingers) to soft dough.
*Dont over pressure the dough,the jamun will break while frying

Roll them into balls or desired sizes

Mix all the ingredients for the sugar syrup.Boil it till sticky consistency

Meanwhile make the balls at similar sizes,so it is fried evenly

In low flame,fry the jamuns till the bubbling of oil stops
*It takes longer time to cook than readymade ones and of course darkens easily,So cook them in low flame

Pour the hot sugar syrup to the jamuns and soak them for 2-3 minutes
*It wont take much time for soaking like readymade mix ,and doesnt turn soggy in syrup

The jamuns are ready to attack.....

The homemade jamuns are light,yummiest ones ,ever to relish.I am sure,you are not going to run after readymade jamun mix,if u try this recipe......Enjoy

Happy Diwali
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