Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Corn Halwa for Ganesh Chathurthi

Time flies like anything...Ganesh chathurthi came and went in a wink......I did loads of preparations for the day and it was sad,i sent the ganesh bappa in single day to temple..I was so unhappy i sent the ganesh so soon,and didnt got the mood to post the dishes(of course felt guilty of it) ...Days flew and i was busy in daily chores,it was today ,I made some kozhukattais in the morning to pack for the lunch ....The day later ,someone gifted me loads of ganesh idols...It was quit surprise ganesha has come to eat my kozhakattais again...

This ganesh chathurthi,I made few more dishes for ganesha...Ganesha's favourites are Laddus and halwa which comes next to kozhukottais

The Corn halwa which i made, turned to be huge hit and was over all in a wink....

Grain the corn to not too fine paste(just as a rava/sooji consistency)
But make sure the corn outer skin is smashed well

Heat the ghee in a thick pan..
The non stick pans works the best for halwa

Add the corn paste to ghee and cook them well

Add some khoya when the water drains out from corn

Then goes the milk and sugar and stir continuously from now

Once the ghee oozes out in the corner,the halwa is ready

The Actual Recipe is...

250 gms Sweet Corn
100 gms Sugar
1 cup Khoya
1 cup Milk
1 tbsp of Ghee(can increase)
Pinch of Nutmeg powder


1.Boil the corn and grind it to thick paste.
2.Take a pan ,add the ghee and fry the corn paste. when the ghee starts leaving the sides
 add mava stir it till it thickens.
3.Add milk, stir it nonstop, then add sugar.
4.Finish with a pinch of nutmeg powder.


  1. Innovative and tempting

  2. Ganesar and neivedhyams are both super sweet looking. I now understand how good the halwa is ...just as you told me!

  3. I have never made halwa from corn it sounds interesting.

  4. Halwa with corn sounds interesting...looks so tasty

  5. Corn halwa is new for me, it looks yummyyyyy!!!

  6. Dish looks very cool and interesting...

    Pushpa @

  7. That sounds great,never made with corn,have tried with corn flour,this sounds amazing,pics are very nice priya!

  8. corn Halwa looks really Yummy Priya. This is new to me

  9. Corn halwa looks incredible Priya..seems u had a wonderful celebrations..

  10. halwa with corn, very new and intersting sweet.looks very rich and nice stepwise explanations

  11. Hi Priya,

    Thanx for the lovely comments...Your blog looks fabulous...Threre are so many Priya's..iam getting confused!!!


  12. Please try the recipe...u wont regret it...i am sure its best tried out halwa i ever had..

  13. That sounds unique and delicious...thanks for your lovely wishes :-)good to hear from you after a while

  14. Very nice and interesting dish. Corn halwa looks yummy and tempting.

  15. The corn halwa is new to me.such a nice recipe..

  16. The corn halwa is new to me.such a nice recipe..

  17. corn halwa looks so good, happy ganesh chathurthi to you and your family Priya

  18. Lucky ganesh,he gt to taste ur halva.No such luck for me!


Thank you

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