Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spicy kulambu from MIL

My husband is from a big joint family,where his granny rules the best kitchen....Their recipes and cooking styles extremely differs from mine..I never got a chance to stay there and learn from them...Whenever i ask for recipes to the granny,she says these all jujupy (silly..heehee) for you...My little mil(his aunt) and granny(his patti) are the best pair in cooking together to make best sweets,vathals and podis which i bag them a lot..
Recently i been there with my camera,and caught my lil mil in action...
There goes a must have kitchen gadget -Ammikallu

She grinds 10 cloves of peeled garlic,1 tsp of jeera and 1 inch of cardomom

In a large bowl,Mix 2 cups of tamarind juice(extracted from 2 lime size balls),3 Chopped tomatoes,3 Chopped Green chillies,some curry leaves,1 tsp of  chilli powder and salt

In fry pan,fry the curshed garlic,jeera and cardamom in 2 tsp of oil

Add a handful of chopped shallots

Add some coriander and curry leaves

Add the tamarind juice mix,3 tbsp of coconut paste/milk and bring it to a boil for 10 minutes

Yummy and spicy kulambu is ready,u can add cooked veggies or masala vada to it..My mil added some channa dal vada to this kulambu....


  1. very lovely kulambu priya...awesome pictures dear..

  2. Ammila arachi kuzhambu pannina athoda taste vera than, delicious and mouthwatering kuzhambu..

  3. thats awesome Priya. Love the ammikal concept. Even in my mom's place, they use a tiny kalural for grinding the masala...

  4. wow...Priya...delicious mouth watery authentic recipe...! hot n spicy clicks...!

  5. Ncie stepwise...i always like spicy curries...this looks so tasty

  6. Soooper.. I love the array of pics especially :) Nice kolambu :)

  7. Ammi kallu kozhumbhu taste will be too good. sounds you!! You award is still waitinf for you in my blog.

  8. Thats a nice authentic recipe from ur MIL,nice post :)


Thank you

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