Monday, July 05, 2010

Ramzan Biryani

I had a muslim friend Ramzan who cooks the best food and feasts in sundays...She makes excellent biryani and invite us for dinner...Her biryani is quit popular among people...She even packs a box to take home,so i need not have to cook for next day...Whenever she visits my home,she make fun of me how i cook biryani(early stage)...She asks hw cud u make biryani with just one or two onions...I luv when she asks me like it,so i cud learn it in full swing from her...I asked her to show me hw she makes it,damn..She drilled me like anything...It took nearly 3 hours to make her excellent biryani...

Wash the rice of 1 kg and soak it for 20 minutes
Dont over soak,the rice will break...drain the water after 20 minutes and keep it aside

Dry Roast one tbsp of Coriander Seeds
(dont add so much,cos it subsides the other spices)

Dry Roast the Cumin-1 tsp,Cloves-4-5,Star Anise-2,Cinnamon stick-2 inches
Can add more ,if u want more flavor

Add all the roasted spices to blender and pulse it to fine powder..
Keep it closed until u add them to biryani

Take 450 gms of onions , 400 gms of tomato and total of 250 gms of fresh ginger and garlic
If it u r in india,use large onions and country tomatoes
If u r in usa,take 3-4 big onions and Roma tomatoes

Grind Ginger and Garlic into fine paste

Get one bunch of mint and coriander leaves
(like equal amount of onions u added)
Can add slited 2-3 green chillies

Fry the onion with a bay leaf and a cinnamon stick-1 inch
Use oil or ghee-250 ml

Add tomato ,Mint and Coriander leaves

Add the ginger and garlic paste and the spice powder.When it is fried,
add sufficient amt of chilli powder(2 tsps) and Salt
Add 2 tbsps of curd 

Add the meat of 1 kg and cook them well
If it is red meat,pressure cook them and add to this

Boil the 10 glass of water with salt(one tsp) and oil
Add the rice and cook 6-7 minutes
Dont over cook the rice...cook it  to 3/4th  and drain it immediately
The ideal time of cooking the rice takes 5-6 minutes..
But the rice will cook in fraction of seconds,so keep watching and drain it at right time
(The rice seems to be cooked,but when u press ,it break into like raw rice)

Take a thick bottom pan and layer the rice and the masala simultaneous
The trick part is to leave some rice of 1 cup,so add the rice according to right amt of masala u got..
Close with tight lid and slow cook them for 30 minutes

Yummy biryani is ready


  1. How delicious is that first pic!!!! Very appealing to my taste buds..... Well prepared...the rice grains have bloomed perfectly to make the yummy named biryani all the more Scrumptious...... :)


  2. மிகவும் அருமையான step by step படங்கள் போட்டு தெளிவாக விளக்கி இருக்கின்றிங்க...கண்டிப்பாக செய்து பார்க்கிறேன்...நன்றி ப்ரியா..நன்றி ரம்ஜான்...

  3. Biriyani looks easy and yummy :) totally different from what i make.. will sure try this version soon

  4. yummy biryani!! thxs for sharing with us!!

  5. Wowwww wat a mouthwatering biryani, appadiye yeduthu saapidanam pola irruku..thanks for sharing Priya..will try soon..Beautiful template dear looks great..

  6. priya how nicely u shared ur frnds special biryani to us.. good job da.. really delicious biryani..

  7. Thanks for sharing such delicious briyani recipe dear, i wanna try this very soon:) Bookmarking it!

  8. In this Recepie, Any possibility on bottom of the pan get burned in 30 mins Slow Cooking..? if so.. How t oavoid That


Thank you

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