Friday, July 09, 2010

Grand Sweets and Snacks-Review

Grands Sweets and Snacks is one stop,where u can find me every alternate day...Its a complete Vegeterian  where i hang out for a filter coffee , my supper or the dinner too....I am grown up in homecooked  food a lot ,of course with grands sweets in adyar...They have complete different business ,cant even think to be compared to other sweet n snack sellers..Thats y they r popular worldwide...

The grands sweets is located in home not as shops...They have a factory in ambatur from where the food is distributed to annanagar and adyar branch...The sweets and snacks really made with ghee to best,with not thegatifying...It never get spoiled and done with the double seal packing by gloved hands...

Flowery welcome

Bengali Sweets


Podis and Instant Mixes

Yum Yum Sweets

Grands Sweets is quit costly for laymen ,they have a trick selling the broken and yesterday sweets and snacks,in half price!!!!!

They give free food in thonnai at 11 am and 6 pm after their prayers..
I have seen,many VVIPs standing in queues to get the thonnai 's,while ghee drools from the hot steaming rice

Evening @ 4 pm,the real heaven for foodies

 Onion Rava dosa..I luv their sambar and stew like kurma..



Isn't that Perfect??

Steaming Idlies and Idyappams

Poli in action

Seat out...Though this place is hot,i dont bother to sit and snack myself...They have limited menu,but they serve it to best....

A must visit ,who goes abroad and place to hang out for south indian snacks...
I am sure,u wont be complaining for...

Check their website and in facebook


  1. Priya, u made me nostalgic dear. The Adyar branch was in my lane when I lived there and I love there thattai they are the best.Some body ready to parcel me I am ready to buy.

  2. Yummy yummy stuffs... I loved the appams.... Surely a nice place... :)


  3. wow Priya the pics are so drooling here at middle of nite !

  4. Sooo true dear. They are the best at Chennai. I was there yesterday ;) Had Rasamalai and packed home milagu vadai and some sweets. I had their freebie puliyodharai too :) They are simply the best. Dad used to tell me their history, when they started as a very small home business and all. :)

  5. Idhu Nyayame illa...we are sitting far far off here and I wish i can also make some rasamalai and milagu vadai like Nits! Thank you for taking pictures and making me cry! LOL!

  6. Ohh my! Why? Why on earth did I even read this post??

    Now im all nostalgic and soo yearning to eat some of those goodies. Theres a Grand Sweets very near to my parents house in Chennai and we were frequent visitors there!sigh! good times!

  7. I used to live in Besant Nagar and visited this place often..hmm miss all those days..Now we get their puliyotharai mix and stuffs like that here in the US !!!

  8. I love their dhonnais too. The adai avial combo they serve is really tasty.

  9. Oh my gosh...never thought grand sweets r familar to u all...I am happy and surprised, we all got right way for good food...

  10. hey priya,

    wat a surprise!...i am also a huge fan of grand sweets..we used to order sweets from there for every function! and i used to come there (anna nagar branch) often!!..hope we ll meet someday in grand sweets itself!!

  11. hi priya ,
    i am so happy to know u r from chennai too ...but presently i am in US for couple months more n i am missing so much ...after seeing ur grand sweets article i am missing more :(
    thanks for visiting my blog n for ur lovely word ..priya u having lovely collection ,especially ur baking n dessert collection ,i bookmarked so many of them...happy to know u.


  12. Hi, I've been looking for the name of a particular sweet that was my fav in grand sweets... & could not find its picture in their website... however just saw that in one of your pictures above :))

    File name - DSCN0156.JPG (or the picture below "YUM YUM SWEETS")... the left most packet of sweets .. kind of a roll.. any idea what that's called?

    Thanks in advance :)

  13. I and my husband just find the karuvapilai pickle irresistable. We're from Bangalore and usually whenever we come to chennai, definitely buy as much as we can. This time seeing this blog we were excited we too will be getting their freebies since we purchased for approx. Rs. 2000/- worth stuff, but were very disappointed that they were very blunt in saying no freebies. So unfair!!! :-(

  14. So sad to hear that..I luv their thokku varieties too..

  15. You can buy Grand Sweets and Snacks at, if you are living in USA or Canade.

    1. It does not say anywhere on their website that we can get grand sweets. Can you give more details????

  16. You can now order the Grand Sweets and Snacks , Sri Krishna Sweets , Sri Mithai Sweets from our website

  17. You can buy Grand Sweets and Snacks at, if you are living in USA or Canada.

    1. Most of the Grand Sweets and Snacks Products are now available on in USA.


Thank you

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