Cake Walk

I am back to blogging after a week...went on a silent break...It was hansika who kept me busy being so ill...Next my baking skills..Past one month,I tried(baked)  few recipes which turned out into disasters...I was really in low to think, is this happening to me....I chose wrong recipes to try 2 new cakes and a muffin....Went wrong somewhere :-( 
Completely in offfffffffffffff moooooooooddddddddddddddd to type a post....Finally decided i have to do...

I spend most of my time running for my family...I skip my afternoon nap and early sleeping for my friends...

Recently , i was talking to a friend,she was cheering up and i was no mood to listen her...I went on to ask what do u cook today?....She asked me back did u ever been to Cake Walk??..One of top bakery in chennai,If u order,the cake will walk to home...They have best-est pastry and baking chefs round the clock..blaaah blaaaah....Phewww....I was living opposite to cake walk for many years ,before i moved here...I know their history...The cheer girl didnt stop and insisted me to order some ,right now...My wallet is empty after visiting the place,but still luved it...

Clicking in Pastry shops r highly restricted,I went twice to do my job with permits

Chocolate cake 

Birthday orders...



 Missed the flash ,while drooling for fudge gateaux

Cheese cakes

Their mousses

I hope u r attracted to the pics,not ready to read....

Their menu...

Not just to see,Their pastries and cakes tastes great...Not too dry ,nor too sweet....Thats y they r on top ranking....They also have good options for eggless cakes....I challenged my cheerful friend to bake similar cake from CAKEWALK and feast her......
Lets See..
CAKE WALK is located both in besant nagar(near bus terminus) and Egnore(near Prince Plaza)
Reach them @
Cake Walk


  1. Ha ha it happened to me too...I have flopped few cakes and made me low but they never stopped me frm trying...Dont worry the more the experiments we get to learn from our mistakes...cake walk tempts me more...cakes look yummy!!!

  2. Thats a quickest comment,i ever received here...and u r too good in speedy typing..Thank u sharmilee.. :)
    I am yet to c my post in the blog... :)

  3. HI
    Lovely clicks. Made me drool!!
    How I wish I had that shop near my house!

  4. hi dear, i am so glad that u wrote about cake walk, i loved the chocolate tuffle pastry there, was too good and I used to visit there outlet close to besant nagar beach, I forget the road's name now.
    Don't worry dear baking fiasco is quite normal, so just cheer up and bake again.

  5. Dont worry many in company with u to tell even ours was a flop :P like me...
    I loved the whole lot there....:)
    Bac in hometown it was Crumbz nd we just love it :)

  6. I know how it feels when we flop in some recipes,we feel really low as if we are zero in cooking..but some how we have to over come and try new freshly ,soon u will succeed,try and post some bakes :)

  7. The girl who cheered u up has got her priorities absolutely right....she knew exactly what would cheer you up, right?
    And don't give up on baking.

  8. You made me feel nostalgic..I just used to live few streets away from CAKE WALK and order their cakes for all sorts of occasions..They have got simply awesome cakes !!!

  9. Woww very interesting...will definitely ask my sister to have a walk to this shop..

  10. Hey tried Bangalore 'Cake walk'.... it is just awesome!!!

  11. failure do occur once in a while. not to worry keep on trying.


Thank you