Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Stuffed Chappathi

Big deal of making chappathi is,it has to be soft and layered...people try the dough with adding hot water,bananas to make best ones...But to me it is always,how u knead ..I use just normal water and salt...If it is fine,use Pillsbury Brand...Try to make soft dough(knead it for 2-3 minutes until it is well incorporated) and rest it for 10-20 minutes....The dough should be not too hard and not too sticky...

Better buy 100 percent atta that has no maida...If it has maida,U can find out while rolling the chappathis,it shrinks and when cooked,it turns rubbery(and ur shoulder pains)..so,dont believe the cover...

Roll the dough into thin chappathi
Apply some oil and sprinkle some wheat flour

Fold the chappathi 

Bring the edges together... Or u can also fold it like a hand kerchief
Roll them into chappathis again,without much pressure...
(U can do it by practice)

Cook the chappathi on tawa,wait until it pops..Turn over...
Apply oil once both sides r cooked
Slit one side of chappathi with knife or ladle

It luks like big pita bread....
I added the beaten half egg and onions 
Add anything u want and cook it for another minute in low flame

Stuffed chappathi is ready for happy eating without spilling...


  1. Now that's idea ..stuffing this way is so new...yum

  2. Hey this is a nice paratha..I like the idea of it very very much

  3. This is how i make my chapathies the plain one i hav enever stuffed them, looks so so good.

  4. Wow this chappathi sounds very interesting Priya, my daughter will definitely love this..

  5. That is the way we make anda parata.... Fluffy..yummy & tempting.... Your prep looks very well prepared & so does the captures.... Illustrious!!!! Hugs )))


  6. Very nice presentation.Stuffed chapathi looks good.

  7. Stuffing this way is new to me.. This sounds easy and shall definitely give a try...

  8. Heyy,, i thought it may be some aloo paratha like stuff it looks different dear..

  9. Lovely step by step pics! I make the parathas the same way :-)


Thank you

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