Saturday, June 19, 2010

Princess Cake

My daughter hansika turned three years yesterday..She is one big surprise power pack for my family....If she wants to play or dance...she do it for hours...Her toes never stand in a place for a micro second....She keeps me in attention throughout the day...She luvs being with me,while i cook..She puts a chair in kitchen and play with utensils..Whoever seen her never fail to ask me,how u manage her....

I never beat my child,but hoping she will understand everything.....As a mother,I care and let her what she wants to be...We try to explain even if she cant stop doing naughty..She luvs socializing and learning new things..She also luvs locking me inside the room..Yes..My daughter is my biggest challenge that i ever faced in my life...She is the one who turns me more polite and attentive..And happy to welcome her birthday as she can grow and mature....

My father is so fascinated about birthday parties...I had very grand parties till my sweet sixteen...Later,I stopped him,as i felt more shy to continue every year..Instead,We planned to spend a lunch in old age home(Vijaya old age) in thanjavur...Till now,my parents are going there for my every birthday and having a lunch with them...For,Hansika's first birthday,I felt she is my best gift from god...I wanted to celebrate it...So,It was a grand party.....Then,It became closed  door celebrations..For Second one,We gifted food to kakum karangal in chennai...This year,my DH helped paying educational fees for many people...But we got to cut the cake in one of our usual socializing club....Hansika enjoyed the cake and her birthday a lot.. She was dancing till the midnight...

Finding a needy person is difficult..But still ,there are some...Help poor and See the god through their eyes.. Even if u dont believe in god,pls help others...There are still loads of unpaid medical/school fees and starving poor people.... If we cant care them, who else.. I kindly request each of u to help others and be peacemakers.. 

The cake theme was decided by me...Every year this girl had black forest,this time i planned for princess cake...and first time,i am making the cake with buttercream icing....

My husband hates icing ,he complains its too sweet to all icing recipes i ever tried...
but my daughter,she is just crazy of it...

Here is how to make princess cake and buttercream icing for kids......

Cake Mix-2
Icing Sugar-500 gms
 White Butter-250 gms
Milk-2-3 tbsp
Vanilla essence -2 tsp

Star nozil/tip-16 and 21
 Piping bag
Pink color
Spatula knife
Turn and Trim rotating tray
Some Sprinkle goodies

Icing Tips
*Buttercream icing is very basic icing
*I used icing sugar(from store),cos of its fine texture..
* The icing should be not flowing like batter nor like a dough
*Icing Sugar and Butter tends to react with room temperature faster
So..keep it cool :-)
*The Swirls and the lines are the basic decorating skills on icing
*Bake the cake,cool it and freeze it to avoid more crumbs while decorating
*The butter may contain water,spoils the buy the best one

I luved it...It made me work really fast and handy for the cake to decorate

I used disposable bag

I dont get wooden base,so i used this cake stand and covered it with cling form..

Layer the cake and trim as u like

Add the icing sugar ,milk and vanilla essence

Add the half quantiy of butter and mix it well(dont beat)
I used yellow butter,since i didnt get the white butter

Add some more butter and make thick consistency like this
Rest it for 5 minutes to go well incorporated doesnt mean u have to use all the butter
Add the food color 

When u wipe the cream,it should be like this...

Apply around the cake,with spatula knife

Leave for five minutes to shape up well ;-)

Now its almost done...
If u find any uneven icing,apply some more icing and shape it with spatula knife

Now it is piping time..

Fold the piping bag to reach the tip and add the buttercream..
Pull the cream towards the end and fold the edges

Practice with similar size of stars and swirls..
if the icing is too watery,u cannot do piping well 

Learn to write some on ur not-so good letters

I did the swirl piping in ends
This pale pink icing was little watery than the icing i made for entire cake
The swirls started spreading out

I did the stars around the cake
Insert the doll and Pipe a dress for the princess 
which is censored here ;-)
Once done ,move it to fridge...

Yummy Princess Cake is Ready for a cut!!!


  1. Happy B'day kisses to the sweet princess!!

    Cake looks awesome dear :-)

  2. Happy Birthday to Hansika! loved that beautiful cake and the step by step procedure...!

    she is such an adorable girl :)
    but one advise from me a mother of two grown up children... never allow her to lock you up in the room!

  3. Hapy B'day to ur lovely daughter!! cake looks yummy & i like that pink colour...

  4. Kudos to you and to your family, who celebrates your little Princess birthday in a special way, helping the needy.

    The birthday cake and the photos are very nice. :-)

  5. Thats awesome work and cake.. You have done so well priya.. Hope your daughter enjoyed a lot seeing the cake. And its really satisfying one when we help others you have done great job. I too love the same way !!!

  6. Awesome work Priya, cake looks elegant, cute and fabulous..

  7. Your baby is really very very cute. Wishing her many many happy returns of the day. The few minutes I had spent with her was really enjoyable...wish to see her soon..

  8. Hi Priya,
    Wow!!! No words to express my feelings and you can not see me!!!
    Its the cutest cake!!!
    Wishing your daughter a very happy birthday!!
    And what a lovely thought!
    Keep it up!

  9. A beautiful cake for abeautiful princess.You have decorated this cake beautifully.

  10. மிகவும் அருமையாக இருக்கின்றது...கேக் அழகோ அழகு..குட்டிமாவிற்கு இனிய பிறந்தநாள் வாழ்த்துகள்...

  11. Happy Bday to ur sweet little daughter..

    The cake has come out fabulous..

  12. Happy birthday to Hansika. Perfect cake!

  13. Happy b'day to hansika!!...cake looks awesome, dear!

  14. What a perfect day!!!!! I remember the song "Hum bhi agar bachche hotein" an old number.... but seriously awesome cake baked for your princess.... U must have had a very satisfying day, in all aspects.... GOD BLESS!!!!


  15. Happy Birthday to your princess! The Cake is simply marvellous! Great work!

  16. Cake is super Priya....looks so gud..u r pro in bakin huh? great..sure ur gal had gr8 time

  17. Wow u made it first when I saw the cake in FB I thought they were from a professional it looks

  18. Priya,
    Somehow I missed this.Belated Bithday wishes to Hansika.You did an awesome job in making the cake it looks very delicious.
    I too always prefer to do something to the old and the needy on my kids birthdays.Very happy to know that you have similar thought too.


Thank you

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