Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gauva Squash

I hate cloudy days...I luv sunny days that helps me to stay active...but this summer in chennai is not worthy..It was cloudy and raining most of the days....My mom brings home, variety of squashes of kissan brand..Me and my dad give a weird look wht she can do with it..When the guest arrives ,she mix it with cool water and ice cubes and serve them..Later,the Tang brand was in....

But i luv sipping nannari juice...which is my most favorite...But i never made it...I love Manama/Mala 's squashes for past a year...They have wide no of flavors like 65...My most favorite is Ginger and Lime Mix and this guava flavor....Simply Superb...

Cheers to Sun for coming home.....


  1. Gauva squash looks delicious.Nice cheers to the sun.

  2. Love that color which looks so soothing..... Transparent & subtle.... Thanks for sharing this awesome one..... :-)


  3. Manama/Mala 's squashes - Is it a new brand? I have not seen it in the Indian stores over here.

  4. Wow.. pinky pink.. I never knew this flavor before ;)


Thank you

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