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Vanilla Softy Icecream

I think this is the first post to make softy ice creams ever in a blog....This was one part of my cookery class,happy to share with u finally...The first softy icecream came to chennai by milkyway in egmore and now creamy in...People are damn crazy about the softy and creamy icecreams

Before going to the recipe,u must know softy icecreams are all about air and h2o free.U must need a stabilizer to hold creamy texture....Here,I used GMS powder which is widely used in hotels in the name of  icecream powder..But people never known how to make in better way at i am posting more detailed recipe

U will get this GMS powder in Nilgiris(Chennai/Blore) departmental stores
Use only dry utensils 

The main(Secret) ingredients 
G.M.S ,Vanilla essence and Fresh Cream

Sugar,Cornflour and Milk

Always use the Full cream milk for icecreams
(Orange color-Aavin)

Mix all the powders in one cup of milk without lumps

Add the remaining milk and boil it in low flame
(Keep Stiring it)

Dont over boil it ,it will turn into porridge...Cool it down

Strain it and Pour it into an air tight container
(Tupperware works the best)

Cover it with cling firm,to keep moist/odor free

U can see , only one fourth of the container is filled..
Move this container to fridge,let them set..

Keep the container in ice berth and break cold milk into pieces
Add the fresh cream to it.

Whisk them well,until u get double the quantity

Now,its done

The cream must take long time to drop

Pour the creamy to the air tight container

Now u can see,the container is full...
Cover with cling firm and freeze them

Once it is set...

Fill it in any piping bag..
Freeze it and keep it in room temperature for 15 minutes
(before u gonna pipe them)

Icecream is ready 

Ooops,i got a softy,creamy icecream in my bowl...
Actual Recipe
Preparation Time : 1 day
Cooking Time : 15 min
Serves / Makes : 8 people
Points to remember
1. Not a drop of water should go into the ice cream mixture base or while churning the ice cream
2. All the measures to be taken as heaped, pressed and leveled
3. Always set the ice cream in air tight plastic containers with a sheet of cling wrap in between
4. Donot adds any essence, color or fruits to the basic ice cream. All Flavours to be added only while churning
5. While setting, the ice cream box should touch the base of the freezer

6.U can store this icecream for 6 months.

  Basic Vanilla Ice creams                 
Full Cream Milk-1/2 Litre (Red Cover Aavin)
GMS powder (softener) - 1 tbsp+1 tsp+3/4 tsp

(all the 4 measuring spoons of measuring spoon set).
CMC powder (setter)-a pinch, the size of moong dal
Corn flour-all the 4 measuring spoons of measuring spoon set 
Sugar-8 tablespoons
Milk Powder-2 tablespoons
1. Take milk in a thick bottom vessel and add all the above ingredients
2. Stir with a balloon beater, till all the ingredients are well blended
3. Keep on a high flame and continue stirring with a balloon batter
4. After the first boil, reduce the flame and continue stirring for 5-7 minutes
5. Remove from flame and keep stirring occasionally till cool
6. Put the cool mixture in a plastic container. Cover and freeze till completely hard

Vanilla Essence (oil based)-1/2 tsp
Fresh Cream-1 amul tetra pack
Ice cubes-2 trays
1. In a dry stainless steel vessel, add the essence and ice cream
2. Place over a bowl filled with lots of ice
3. Remove the basic ice cream and cut into small pieces with a butter knife
4. Place this in the above vessel, along with the ice cream and essence
5. Churn very well with an electric beater for 10-12 minutes till light and fluffy
6. Pour in a plastic air tight container and freeze for 10-12 hours

 Utensils Needed:
Heavy vessel, Measuring spoons, Ballon beater, a vessel, ice trays, bowl, Electric beater or Mixie, air tight container


  1. priya ..thanks for sharing such a softy icecream recipe..very well exliane the making of icecream..good work yarr

  2. OMG home made soft whippy ice cream thats fantastic.I dont think this secret ingredient is available in Uk

  3. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW as you said it the first ever post on softy and I love it thoroughly dear.. Yummmmy to the core.. :)

  4. மிகவும் சூப்பராக இருக்கின்றது...அப்படியே சாப்பிடுவேன்...

    இந்த வாரம் தான் என்னுடைய அக்காவும், இந்த பவுடரினை நில்கிரிஸில் இருந்து வாங்கிவந்து, ஐஸ்கீரிம் செய்ததாக சொன்னாங்க...சூப்ப்ர்ப்..

  5. Yumm!!!!! Please, pass me that bowl Priya:)

  6. Kudos to u for making icecream at home..Looks yumm

  7. Beat the heat with ice cream... the texture luks so perfect :)

  8. Wow Priya true for me as I did not see any post on softy icecream.Love Love it.Very yummy looking.Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe.Bookmarked.

  9. Woww kalakuringa Priya, secret ingredients ellam ippo yellarukume terinchiduchu, will try to get those secret ingredients next time while i go to India..beautiful icecream..

  10. Loooooooooks tooo good and creamy..can I get a scoop priya...

  11. Wow,looks so soft and smooth! Great for a sunny hot day!

  12. Very smooth looking softy. Illustrative clicks are very tempting,me drooling :):)

  13. That is indeed very smooth & luscious.... U made me really scream for ice cream.... Those step by step illustrations are surely treat to eyes, because I am not so well versed with desserts & sweet treats.... I enjoyed my read throughout.... Just few days back I savored vanilla milk shake though ;-)


  14. Will surely try this after buying GMS ..thnx priya..

  15. great post priya, loved ur stepwise pictures, will surelly help out for all. Thanks for the recipe

  16. So Softy,Whippy and Cool! Love all Pictures.

  17. Priya..softies looks awesome...very inviting...thanks for sharing this :)

  18. Looks perfect.. Good one.. Worth the effort I believe...

  19. Hey thanx for letting me know of GMS and CMC powder. Honestly I feel a little worried abt using these ingredients at home. I must have eaten this in commercial ice creams a no of times.Anyways thanx for letting us know.By the way your icecream looks awesome.

  20. I've learnt making ice-cream using the base and then the flavor additions too. Your post reminds me about getting it all out!

  21. Wow Priya..Commendable effort really...Thx for sharing the recipe with alll...

  22. Thanks for sharing with us how to make soft serve ice cream!

  23. Lovely presentation looks so tempting.

  24. Love ur softy post , super delicious !!!
    I love softys too!!!
    Hullo PAL,
    I love giveaways , as muc as u do!!!! So Am also here to tell u something interesting!!!
    SUper giveaway at this link...psst psst, am sure u love LE CRUESET ,dont ya?
    Well its jus one of the goodies u can chose:-))))

    and a few pans and cutters too...baking is fun aint it...[India Included]

    Follow the rules and ur on ur way to a good win-all the best to ya!!

  25. thanks for sharing the method of preparation.

  26. amazing.
    It seems to be very easy.
    Will try it soon

  27. Would love to try your amazing recipe. But how much quantity of GMS- in terms of tablespoon or teaspoon? Eagerly awaiting your reply. Thanks- Beena

  28. hai Anon,
    The GMS powder measurement is 1 tbsp+1 tsp+half tsp+Quarter tsp...So Totally,1 tbsp+1tsp+3/4tsp...Make sure the GMS powder completely dissolved in the boiled milk.. :)

  29. Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Will try today though am sure that it is going to be excellent. Bye- Beena

  30. HI Priya,

    I love your website, esply the way how you have posted all your wonderful recipes - thank a lot for the effort.

  31. HI Priya,

    I love your website, esply the way how you have posted all your wonderful recipes - thank a lot for the effort.

  32. Hi priya,

    I love your blog, eply the way you have posted all your recipes with wonderful photos.
    Thank a lottttttttt for the effort, keep rocking.

    hey i'm a working women from Bangalore, can you tell me how to make some quick attractive dishes (like & so) for my son (4 yrs old)???

    i know you will...thanks in advance.


  33. Awsome presentation yaar! I can't believe that so nicely and in full way you presented my most required recipe. You are fantastic! I like it.

  34. hey much quantity of corn flour is to be used in terms of teaspoon or tablespoon...??eagerly waiting for ur reply...

  35. The amount of cornflour is 1 tbsp+1 and 3/4 tsp

  36. ohhk..thanku so mch 4 ur reply...n also thanku for sharing such a delicious softy recipe...thanku again...!

  37. how long we have to whisk the ice cream to double its volume?? will it double while using the custard powder recipe too?? pls help thanks in advance.

  38. how long should we whisk to get double the volume? will it double even using the custard powder recipe. pls help thanks in advance

  39. it will not take more than then minutes if it is a good quality whipping cream...dont over whip as it can curdle


Thank you

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