Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vadagam/Vadava Thovayal

This thovayal goes very well with all rice dishes....People who doesnt know vadagam,chk here...It is used for seasoning the dishes....It is actually sun dried onions mixed with cumin and mustard seeds...

Vadagam-1 lime size ball
Coconut,grated-one cup
Ginger-half inch
Tamarind extract-half tsp
Red chilli(round)-3 to 4
Salt to taste
Sesame Oil-2 tsp

1.Heat Oil ,sprinkle the vadagam
2.As soon as u added,switch off the flame
(it will easily burn and u cant find it since it is already black)
3.Add rest of ingredients ,and switch on the flame and fry them
4.Grind it to fine paste

If ur thovayal turns into black,it wont taste good..I like this thovayal with coconut rice,thengai sadam (or any variety rice)


  1. thovayal looks realy delicious.
    i think preparation of vadagam is quite difficult..thanks for sharing this nice recipe

  2. Interesting thogaiyal. Sounds very tasty and would love to have with steamy rice,ghee and appalam:):)

  3. I can have this thovayal with anything, just love it..makes me nostalgic..

  4. I have never tasted vadam seasoning,my mom and MIL saves dishes before they seasons with as I dont like,but now I wish to taste ;) Nice recipe I think this goes well with ven pongal too !

  5. Its a very new recipe to me... sounds interesting :)

  6. I love the smell of vadagam.......nice thogayal.

  7. Wow.. this is a very interesting thovayal. :) Looks yummy :)

  8. Nice thovayal.Never had vadagam but came across them in other blogs.

  9. Wow!!! this dish looks so mouthwatering!!

  10. I have never had this but i would love to taste it asit sounds so so yumm.

  11. Adding vadagam gives lot of flavor to it. Thank you for the recipe and tips.

  12. hi dear,

    There is an award waiting for u in my blog!!..please collect it!


Thank you

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