Monday, April 19, 2010

Urad Kheer

If your kids are thin and unhealthy...I am sure this kheer will help u a lot...I learnt it from one of my neighbor in US...Thank you aruna,for sharing this recipe..

It has urad dal ,but it tastes like almond kheer when u add turmeric and Cardamom powder

Urad dal-half cup
Milk-half cup
Sugar-2 tsps
Turmeric-a pinch
Cardamom powder-two pinches

1.Wash and Soak urad dal in water for half an hour
2.Grain it to fine paste make it to flowing consistency
3.In Thick bottom pan,boil this paste,milk,adding sugar,turmeric and Cardamom powder
4.When it starts to boil,off the flame..and serve chilled..

Iam sending this to cardamom seed event hosted by priya and kheer festival conducted by easy2cookrecipes


  1. Nice healthy kheer dear...
    Will soon give a try
    Thx. for sharing :-)

  2. Hey Priya this looks gorgeous ..

    I was little hesitant about this kheer but u convinced me saying it tastes like badam kheer .

    I wud surely want to givve it a try as it is really healthy

  3. That sure is a power/protien packed kheer,good for ladies too :)

  4. This kheer is new to me, very tasty looking and sounds healthy too.

  5. yummy kheer, dear...looks so tempting...awesome pic

  6. That is very unique & a surprising package..... I loved the color & the texture & sure of its taste too... It must be the same..... Very refreshing & yum!!!! Hugs)))


  7. Yum kheer...luv to have it cold for this summer!

  8. That really looks creamy and yummmy...lovely colour.

  9. மிகவும் அருமையான சத்தான கீர்...என்னுடைய குழந்தைக்கு ஒரு முறை இதனை செய்து கொடுத்து இருக்கின்றேன்...எங்கே அவள் சாப்பிட்டாள்...சரி வீணாக்ககூடாதே என்று நானும் என்னுடைய ஹஸும் தானே சாப்பிட்டோம்..மிகவும் சூப்பரான டேஸ்ட்...அருமை...ஆனால் வெயிட் போடும் என்பதால் செய்வதில்லை...நன்றி

  10. I never heard & tried out this payasam. soon i will try out for my little looks yummy priya!!

  11. This is new to me, very interesting and healthy one...looks delicious too :)

  12. This is totally new to me...kheer with urad dal...but luks very yummy.

  13. Such an interesting kheer, looks fantastic Priya..thanks for sharing..

  14. Wow thats very unique recipe of kheer, thanks for sharing!

  15. Wow.. Im learning so many types of Kheer now a days.. this one looks so good and unique!

  16. Wow Priya ,a very unique kheer.Never heard of it before.Looks very delicious.Thanks for sharing.

  17. very new recipe..thanks for sharing this..bookmarked:-)

  18. Urad kheer is such a healthy one for sure' of our back home cook used to make this, when she was gone' the is gone as well. Thanks for this lovely post. I am gonna follow your instructions. Like your display:)

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  20. a bowl full of protien.. first time here..u hv anice space.. will visit often..cheers

  21. Very nice kheer dear. Sounds healthy n delicious.

  22. urad kheer looks delicious.its a new idea for me..sure its a very tasty n healthy kheer..Liked the nice color..nice picture too.sure will try this once.
    thanks for sharing this recipe ..

  23. healthy choice dear...please do collect ur participation award from

  24. Wow priya kheer with urad dal.Never heard about this.Its really very innovative dish.


Thank you

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