Friday, April 30, 2010

Coriander Chutney

Coriander Chutney
Coriander leaves-2 cups
Green chillies, slitted-3
Onion,chopped-Quarter cup
Coconut,grated-Quarter cup
Salt to taste
Oil-2 tsp

1.Fry all the ingredients(except the leaves) in oil
2.Switch off and add the coriander leaves
3. Sauté them well and grind it to fine paste

The chutney goes well with Wheat flour dosa...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pomegranate Juice

To Haters...
                Teasing someone's passion shows u r jealous of it....Opposing my blog means me how much my blog has grown up...if u dont like it,stay away(y clued here??).....I am posting this drink which keeps u fit and fine in hot summer...

Lime juice-2 tsp
Sugar-1 tsp
Water/Ice cubes-half cup

1.Remove the riped pomegranate seeds from it
2.Blend it with lime juice,sugar and ice cubes

This pic luks pretty in my pinky blog...Chill out..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Puli Kulambu

If u r a few extra pounds person,i am sure u have a mom who cooks the best and feeds u extra...I am still roaming around with my extra pounds,cos of my mom..Needless to say,as many knows she cooks so quickly and pamper the place like anything,i need another blog to post her recipes..But I never tried to be on her shoes..She gives distinct taste to every dish...My most favourite dish she makes is Puli kulambu..She serves me with potato podimas and parupu thovayal..for which i cud die for...
Yeah..If anyone asks me which is the last food i wud like to eat,it wud be this meal...I swear..Everyone in my family knows hw i am crazy abt puli kulambu,I had it every day when i was pregnant..Pls try and enjoy..

Small Onions-10
Garlic-12 cloves
Coriander powder-3 tsps
Chilli powder-1 tsp
Tamarind-lemon size
Turmeric powder-half tsp
Sesame oil-4 tbsp
Mustard seeds-1 tsp
Urad dal-1 tsp
Curry leaves-10
Salt to taste

1.Fry the mustard seeds,urad dal,onions,tomato and garlic in sesame oil
2.Add the coriander powder and stir well
3.Soak Tamarind in water(around 2 cups),save the juice and add it 
4.Add Chilli powder,turmeric and salt, bring it to boil
5.When oil oozes out,switch off the flame 

You can save this kulumbu for a week

For vatha kulmabu ,Add any (sun dried) vegetable vathal while frying the onions like sundaikai or kothavarangai vathal
For Pathiya Kulambu,do not add the chilli powder ,instead add a tsp of pepper and sukku (dry ginger) powder 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Urad Kheer

If your kids are thin and unhealthy...I am sure this kheer will help u a lot...I learnt it from one of my neighbor in US...Thank you aruna,for sharing this recipe..

It has urad dal ,but it tastes like almond kheer when u add turmeric and Cardamom powder

Urad dal-half cup
Milk-half cup
Sugar-2 tsps
Turmeric-a pinch
Cardamom powder-two pinches

1.Wash and Soak urad dal in water for half an hour
2.Grain it to fine paste make it to flowing consistency
3.In Thick bottom pan,boil this paste,milk,adding sugar,turmeric and Cardamom powder
4.When it starts to boil,off the flame..and serve chilled..

Iam sending this to cardamom seed event hosted by priya and kheer festival conducted by easy2cookrecipes

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cheese Oothappam

What can i say beyond these pic says...

I usually make small palm size oothappam with these grated goodies of Onion,Carrot,Coriander and Cheddar cheese

Close with a lid and cook in low flame

After the Oothappam is cooked...Serve hot...

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Dahi Chaat

  I am back with my favorite chaat (since i fell ill and sorry for being regularly irregular)Thank you ,friends and people who stood behind me to push me to live in a better world....Whenever i intend to make any chaat at home,i usually get comment  teased as let the chaat/street vendors earn something...Even so,I got a chance to try for potluck..People who works or too busy to make special food...I am sure, chaat is the best option to choose..Just buy all the things,assemble and serve it...   This is the last picture i have taken in my camera before it crushed into so badly.... 
Since,i made it at home,i got some tips to serve them better....

For Puris/Pooris
Nylon n kara Sev-one cup
Potato,Boiled and smashed-2
Peas,boiled-1/3 cup
Chat masala-1/2 tsp
Coriander leaves-1/3 cup
Any Sprout-one cup
Beet root,Carrot,Onion ,grated-half cup
Cumin powder-one tsp
Chilli powder-half tsp
Salt to taste

1.Break the puris in top and arrange in a plate
2.Smash and mix potatoes,peas and chat masala 
3.Soak the vegetables in cold water ,scrub the skin and grate it
4.To serve,stuff the potato mix and sprinkle rest of the ingredients just before u r going to have...

Green Chutney for Chaat
Pudina-2 cups
Coriander leaves-1 cup
Sugar-1 tbsp
Green chillies-3-4
Lemon juice-3 tbsp

Grind all the ingredients with 1 cup of water

Sweet Chutney
Seedless Dates-two cups
Tamarind-1/4 cup
Jaggery-1 cup
Chat powder-1 tsp
Cumin powder-half tsp
Chilli powder-half tsp
Salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients with four cups of water and boil it for 15-20 minutes
Strain and Can preserve it for a week..
I usually add kara sev and finely chopped apple to sweet chutney

For Dahi
Curd-2 cups
Sugar-3 tbsps

Whisk the Curd and sugar in blender until it turns creamy(yummmy)
U can also sprinkle pomogranate seeds and small fruit chunks for this chaat..

I am happy i did my DIWALI contest giveaways to nithya before the next diwali arrives....Thank u nithya for sharing this sunshine award with me...I pass on the award to Menaga,Soma pradhan,jagruti,preeti,padma,priya suresh,priya prashanth,Ann,pavithra,ranchana,nivedita,sharmilee,gita,malar gandhi,viki,sarah naveen,raks,pavithra,ganga,bsaraswathy,shanthi aunty,parita and vrinda

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