Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Milkyway Pongal/Kalkandu pongal

Rice-1 cup
Full cream Milk-1 litre
Kalkandu-Crystallized Sugar-1 cup
Ghee-half  cup
Condensed milk-3 tbsp
Javithri powder-half tsp
Cardamom powder-1 tsp
Pacha karpuram-a pinch

To Garnish
Cashew and Raisins

1.Wash the rice and add with the milk to pressure cooker
2.Once it starts boiling,close the lid,reduce the flame to sim ,cook it 40 minutes without keeping the whistle
3.After 40 minutes,switch off the flame,rest for 5 minutes
4.Open the lid,smash the rice nicely with ladle before the stem escapes...
5.Crush the Kalkandu sugar in mixie ,add to it
6.Sprinkle the Cardamom ,javithri and pacha karpuram powder and add condensed milk to it
7.Fry cashews,cloves and raisin in ghee and add to rice..

Yummy Milkyway pongal is ready

  • If u r afraid to cook the rice in milk,u can add half litre to the rice and add the rest later
  • U can substitute the milk with water to avoid high calories
  • The proportion of milk ,sugar and rice is 6: 1:1(So,measure with same cup for all ingredients)
  • U can also make this with milk powder in cooked rice...jus add amt of milk powder needed for one litre of milk(I think 1 tsp=30 oz,so some 30 tsps goes)


  1. Nice recipe name u have given :) Looks so delicious Priya!

  2. The Kalakandu pongal looks so perfect!!! I never say no to sweets:)

  3. Pongal looks very delicious Priya...lovely presentation :)

  4. Loved ur space. You have delicious and interesting recipes. Kalkandu pongal looks very tempting. Have come across this dish only at weddings. Would definitely try this.


  5. Hi, pongal looks yummy with beautiful shape...


Thank you

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