Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy valentine's day..I m reposting my black forest cake better and the best way to celebrate the love day..When i went for shopping,i was in end of the long line to billing,a blind woman came to me and asked to pick up valentine cards for her ex-colleagues and her daughter who r living far...I 'm amused to see the kids were running in store to buy cards and chocolates for their teachers..
In india,the hearts and love are only meant between a couple..How weird !!...Serious talks apart..
I made this black forest cakes with 2 more friends who been my good neighbors..They were really been good helping hands...Hard to see such peoples as neighbors in india...Anyway i enjoyed my days very well here

I wish to thank all the viewers ,i m reaching quarter the lakh of visitors soon....Ur support and encouragement makes me keep going even at hard times and my passion too..

I am taking a short break from blogging,will be back soon...Hope my blog wont go too low in blog roll ,waiting to settle down soon...

Here the black forest cake, i tried from smitha's blog as i told in last post..It is very easy and simple(why i am saying this in every post??) ..But it gives professional taste and taste like store bought one..
Hope my pictures tells a lot,than my instructions

 Bake the cake,as she mentioned in her blog,cut them into halves


Whip the cream until it reaches the peak


Cut down any thick crust on ur cake.
Apply the cream on cake with less pressure


Store a chocolate bar in freezer,thaw it for 5 minutes,grate it on the cake

Dust the chocolates shavings on the sides

Melt some chocolate and apply it to the mould,freeze it

Decorate the cake as the way u like,with cherries and chocolates

Enjoy..Happy Valentines Day!!!


  1. Woww beautiful cake, love the frosting Priya, those cute hearts looks fantastic...Happy V day..

  2. Looks fantastic.. wish you a lovely valentines day dear :)

  3. Beautiful cake priya,wonderful job...very yummy cake...

  4. Oh! wow!!!!! Awesomely made deary....
    Fabulous!!!! I know it feels great to gift some handmade stuffs for your deary's.... I love it too.... but I am bad with baking.... So I just cut & paste, for my hubby....

    Hope u had an awesome yesterday!!!!


  5. hi dear,

    There is an award waiting for u in my blog. Please accept it!!

  6. Lovely cake with cute little hearts, excellent dear!!!

  7. Looks beautiful and you have decorated so pretty! Hope you enjoyed the cake nicely!

  8. Cake looks fabulous! Do drop by
    when time permits

  9. Hi Priya, the cake looks beautiful. Really appreciate your effort in giving the step by step details.
    Would love to visit u again.

  10. The cake looks excellent.Your decorating ideas are unique.

  11. Hi Priya

    I just visited your blog first time,I was attracted by black forest cake. Am a huge fan of Blackforest cake when i was in india but here we will never get that taste. Anyhow am planning to bake some cake for our Anniversary. This is interesting and seems easy. let me give a try and let you know. All your recipes are looking delicious, one by one i will try. You are doing very good jog by posting your recipes. Actually ur helping many people like me to cook good food..LOL...Thanks Priya.Keep it up. Ur saving so many people's taste bud.


  12. Wow,priya..thats a longest comment ever in my blog...Thank you for ur support and the cheerfulness...Ur enthusiasm seems to be infectious...

  13. Hi... Ur cake looks deleicious. I bake too but I always have problem when it comes to whipping the cake. CCould you please tell me which brand of cream you use.. I mean.. Is it Amul or something else??? Do let me know. I will be greatly oblidged. Thanks in advance. <3


Thank you

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