Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kung Pao Chicken


I been to Panda express recently,had yummy food...I am not big fan of burgers and fast food..I never felt so happy with many US food joints,it never suited my taste buds(???!!)...But American-Chinese rocks..They cook instantly and serve with lots of veggies(good ,isn't it?)...I bought kung pao chicken and fried rice...Soon i wanted to have again,i tried it at home..It was three fourth of its original taste

Kung Pao Chicken
Chicken breast-2 lbs
Peanuts-1 cup
Long Red Chillies-5
(i used round,since i didnt have it)
Sesame oil-2 tsp+ to deep fry
Any cooked Veggies-1 cup
Dark Soy Sauce-3 tbsp
Oyster Sauce-half tsp
(if u add more,it sours)
plum Sauce-half tsp
Rice Vinegar-1 tsp
Sugar -half tsp
Pepper-1 tsp
Cornflour-2 tbsp
Chicken stock-1 tin
(Can substitute with water)
Spring Onion,chopped-1 cup

1.Cut chicken pieces into half inch size
2.Mix egg,1 tbsp of soya sauce and  cornflour to chicken
3.Rest them for a while,by mean time,Roast the peanuts in oil and keep aside
4.In sesame oil,fry red chilli until brown and save the oil
5.Mix the chicken stock,all the sauces,pepper,sugar and salt
6.Deep fry the chicken in oil
(u can also shallow fry the chicken)
Before U r going to serve
7.Saute Spring onion,veggies,chicken in oil and add the chicken stock
8.When the sauce dries,add the peanuts n red chillies
Serve Hot

Its li'l hard  to make kung pao chicken,but tastes great..Really play a good appetizer for dinner or before any meal..


  1. Kung fu chicken looks yummy Priya , one of my favourite .....will soon try it out ...

  2. These are my fav too....i just love Chinese food..looks delicious amnd yummy yum yum:)

  3. even i love chinese,i have tried kung pao using corn but yet to try with chicken,ur recipe is very nice,will surely try..thanks for sharing priya

  4. A different look again... & it looks cool too... very subtle.... & mild...
    And that prep of yours reminds me of Kung fu Panda!!!! LOL!!!! But the look is so yummy & glace 'y!!!! I love that shine on all Chinese preps.


  5. Wow! sounds delicious Priya. Looks so saucy and tempting:)


Thank you

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