Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls n Sweet Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls??...Is she bought it ?....really made it??!!!...I know what u might be thinking(doubting) me...I didnt buy anywhere,but just made it with my own..I been searching for breakfast ideas,where my hubby never have indian food in the morning..It was quit boring to have breads and corn flakes..I was keen to stuff something else in his sandwich covers in my sleepy mornings..I found some good cinnamon powder here...Obviously we love the flavor ,wont we?..
 I already made an attempt of cinnamon rolls,which was success full and scored loads of tips for u...Its really fun making it ..

Here is the recipe
For the dough
2 cups- Whole Milk
1/2 cup -Vegetable Oil
1/2  cup -Sugar
1  pack -Active Dry Yeast(7 gms)
4 cups + half cup All-purpose Flour
1/2 tsp- Baking Powder
1/2 tsp- Baking Soda
1/2 tsp Salt

To make layers
Plenty Of Melted Butter
1 - cup granulated sugar
 10 gms-Cinnamon powder

Flour to dust

1.Mix Sugar,Milk and Oil and Boil it for 5 minutes

2.Cool it to Lukewarm temperature,add the yeast and rest it for 10 minutes

3.Add 4 cups of flour to it and mix to a dough,rest it for 2-4 hours(The dough doubles in size,so keep it in bigger bowl and cover it with towel/napkin)

4.Mix half cup of flour ,baking powder,baking soda and salt.Add this flour little by little to dough and knead it well(dont worry,if ur dough is too sticky).

5.Store the dough in fridge for overnight and can bake it for next two days
6.The dough will be bigger in size,u can punch it once in a while(or when u r angry)

Get ready with the dough,Sugar,Ground Cinnamon and Butter(at room temp)

Time to play
Choose a wide clean space,spread some flour generously,roll the dough(i divided the dough into two) upto an inch thickness in rectangular shape evenly..If u make thin spread ,ur rolls will break while baking..

Apply some butter generously

Sprinkle Some Sugar,i used Quarter cup

Some cinnamon

Roll the dough firmly and donot press/pull it

Pinch both the sides and seal them,Cut the roll with pastry threads or thin knife.The reason is while the roll gets a cut with knife,the shape shouldnot change and layers doesnt stick to each other..
I found pizza cutter is best to cut the rolls

Dont press the dough at any point,move the rolls to flour dusted tray.If u have non-stick tray ,use it since cinnamon powder and sugar could stick to bottom while baking.Rest them for 15 minutes while pre-heating the oven for the same time...

Bake these goodies for 35 minutes at 350F degrees

I baked another set of dough with dry fruits..hmm...
Roll the dough,sprinkle some sugar,dry fruits(dust them with flour,thou i missed it) and chocolate chips(y shdn't i?)

Before rolling over these goodies,the dry fruits can move along,so i gave a press with my spatula..

While making the cut,hold a hand back of the roll to make it easily and the goodies wont spill out

Place the rolls with enough space on a tray

Bake them for 25 minutes at 350*F

Here u go..

Happy weekend


  1. I too love these rolls Priya...always wanted to make your version with dry fruits...I am planning to try it this weekend :)

  2. looks really yummy priya. Love the dry fruits rolls too:)

  3. Wow.. they look perfect and yummmy :) glad that I got the recipe from you. sure to try it out sometime.

  4. Looks delicious Priya and nice idea to do the same with dry fruits.

  5. My favourite cinnamon rolls, feel like grabbing few from the that dry fruits rolls too..

  6. I love the cinnamon rolls, i buy from the store, i'll make them at home now by following your recipe..

    cheers and do visit if you can

  7. lovely cinnamon the dry fruit rolls too..both look equally good and delicious...

  8. Looks super priya,I love this,but never thought of trying at home,yumm!!

  9. Lovely rolls I love it.. perfect for breakfast and teatime... gorgeous. and Loved the tutti fruity one soooooooooooo much..

  10. Love your rolls baked to perfection. Great pic too.

  11. hubby loves these.. going to bake thm soon :)


Thank you

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