Monday, January 04, 2010

Carrot Halwa-Low Calorie

Welcome 2010...hi guys,hope u had great hols...I am stepping into new year,with lots of desires and wishes...Hope god heals n clear all our hurdles and make our way smooth and safe...Even  if it is not,please make us strong....

I actually make this carrot halwa(gajar ka halwa) very often,because i luv it..simply i luv it..In many places,they serve this halwa,all the ghee/oil drooling out..The most hot dessert,tastes heavenly when u have it with vanilla icecream....hhmmmm....
I am too late to post this recipe,as many of blogs have it long time ago...But i am in my own way....I didnt use any of the coloring agent nor Khoya or palgova..Though my halwa is dense..

Here is how...

Carrot(grated)-2 cups
Milk-1 cup
Ghee/Oil-Quarter cup
Sugar-1+half cups as desire
Low fat Cottage cheese-one cup
Nuts n Raisins roasted ghee as desire
1.Boil the milk ,add sugar and carrot simultaneously
2.When the milk dries out,add the ghee and cottage cheese
3.Stir them for 5 minutes,sprinkle the nuts n raisins

Hot Carrot halwa is ready.A spoon of it,doesnt hold so much calorie...



  1. Yummy is your dessert as well as the BLOG...... Real good looks..lovely...Gr8 that u've been changing.....the look of course.. ;-)

    Have an awesome year ahead!!!!


  2. Love the addition of cheese..halwa looks gorgeous and yummy.. ur new template looks beautiful priya..

  3. Happy New Year! Lovely start with sweet :)

  4. Addition of cheese is new to me..Happy New Year Priya !!!

  5. Looks absolutely yummy...Love the new look of ur blog too..Wish u n ur family a very happy new year! :)


Thank you

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