Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Second Anniversary of Priya's Feast-Merry X'mas to all

                                                 Priya's Feast has turned Two years,last friday....Thank you all for being with me and without your support ,i couldnt reached it...To Cherish,last year seemed to be a real battle of life i went throughed.....This year,I joined Daring Bakers and Sweet Punch ,explored to world of (best) baking....And most best part of my blog was,Hansika joined cooking with me...Tiramisu is the first help ,i got from her...Another best part is ,i made Princess cake for her birthday...
                                                      I wish to thank my cousin ramya,who brought me to the world of blogging on cooking......Or,I must have become baby care blogger...Thank you,ramya....
                                                        This year,I met so many accidents in my kitchen that really put me back from cooking and blogging......My hands were full of burns to every inch....The hot water splash really made me to hop,and hide my face....But that doesnt stop me in learning and exploring in my passion of cooking.....Its never always "THE" feast at home,but some bread and dosa made our day.........
                                                      I need to thank my hubby who has been with me and loves this blog more than i do....He has put things to ease,even when he was not around.Today's post is Christmas cake,which i promised to sponsor for christmas ceremony...I was thrilled to bake,while Chef Senthil by Courtyard Marriott gave me a recipe...I tried and thought ,its exactly the plum cake i had at school...But still i want to do the best cake,When Ria posted the recipe....I decided to give a try....I must say, its not just Fruit cake....Must named it Royal Rich Fruit Cake....Look at the ingredients ,she has mentioned...I must say u have to try it ....try it....you will never stop munching it....
                                             The Christmas ceremony went very well and the cake was over in minute...Everyone was surprised to know its a homemade...

The star is glittering in our balcony,while hansika practicing the carol and enjoying to the core....I made this yummiest cake,mixing the fruits with array of ingredients


The Rest follows...

I used yellow and brown raisins and apricots,cherries etc.,

Orange peels and plums

Ginger Candied

Mix all the dry fruits in the large bowl

I made the spice masala -freshy ready

Add ginger candied powder

Orange juice

I used rum and brandy essence along with Vanilla essence

Squeezed some jam

Caramel sauce

and finally the spice powder

Hands played best role in mixing the whole thing...I am sure u cannot mix it with any spatula,the liquid wont blend with dry fruits...

I soaked the mix for overnight...and made 5x of the recipe....Needless to say,y i did so...

Its ready to bake

Half of the soaked dry fruits are over,and i am waiting to make another batch of cake...My hubby is not ready  to leave without the cake...The cake tastes better when the day passes by and it didnt spoil....

Check her recipe here......and dont forget me ,since i recommended this to u....

This rabbit is loved by hansika,she named it chitti

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!!!!!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Chocolate Cupcakes and MEC-Sweets Roundup

I was wondering how i am gonna manage to do the event...Whenever i sit  for the lappy ,hansika sits on my lap and starts operating...I am going nuts to know my daughter is working on it so early...Its my hubby who taught her when i was not around..ahemmm..So,its hard for me to reach these gadgets...

It was a mid night baking after a long time....and clicked these shots in a cloudy ,lazy and drizzling morning..

Cocoa powder-half cup
Hot water-one cup
APF/maida-1+1/3 cup
Baking powder-2 tsps
Sugar-1 cup or more
Salt-half tsp
Butter-half cup
Vanilla Essence-1 tsp

For the Frosting
Chocolate-4 oz
Butter-150 gms
Icing Sugar-160 gms
Vanilla essence-half tsp


Mix the flour,Baking powder and the salt

Beat the butter and Sugar,until it turns fluffy and creamy

Add the eggs one by one butter mix,and beat them well
Add the flour mix little by little and mix them well

Add the hot water to a bowl of cocoa powder ,mix without lumps and let it cool

Add the cocoa thing to butter batter

Pour it in cupcake moulds and bake it for 190*C for 20 minutes in a pre-heated oven

For Frosting,Mix all the ingredients and apply on the cupcakes


And they are ready....I found the cakes are very mild sweet and after frosting...It was perfect for me...Check the batter for the sweetness,before u bake them
A must try recipe...

MEC-Sweets Roundup
Thank you for sending these wonderful dishes
Priya from Easy and Tasty recipes-Cornmeal kesari and  Dates n Rice Flakes Pudding

Nivedita from Nivedita's Kitchen-Rabdi

Monika from Sin-a-Mon-Milk Dates Peda

Vidya Iyer from Iyer Cooks-Rava kesari

Sowmya from Cultural Creatives-Almond Milk Fudge

Priya Srinivasan-En Veetu Kitchen-Almond Anjeer Choco Ladoo

Savitha from Savitha's Kitchen-Rice Kheer

Rupali from Recipe GrapBag-Date and Cashew Burfi

Shobaa from Food Mazaa-5 minute Burfi

Sameera-Caramel Pudding

And last,but not least-Srivalli's
Moong dal payasam

Thank you for sending the entries and Thank you valli,for giving me the opportunity to host this event...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Coconut Burfi - Microwave Cooking

I have seen making of coconut burfi many times and even tried on stove-top.....This time ,i tried it in microwave and to my surprise its too easy and turns out the best to have ,during festival season...

Coconut,freshly grated-2 cups
Sugar-1 and half cups
Coconut milk powder-50 gms(optional)
Condensed milk-1/3 cup(optional)
Rava/Semolina-2-3 tbsps
Ghee-2 tbsps
Cashew nuts,chopped-10

Add 2 tbsps of ghee and cashews ,roast them in microwave high for 1 min

Remove the cashews ,add the grated coconut in remaining ghee and roast them for 2 mins in high

Stir in between with a spoon

Roast the rava in same bowl until it turns light brown

Mix Fried Cashews ,Rava,Elaichi Powder and Coconut with a spoon
(if u mix with hands,the rava will come off )

Take sugar and add little water..Less the water,Sooner the syrup

Microwave high for 4-5 minutes ,until it reach string consistency

To test,drop the syrup in water,the syrup should flow as string and takes time to dissolve in water

Once,the syrup is ready,add the condensed milk and coconut milk powder

and the coconut mix,microwave high for 4-5 minutes
If u didnt add condensed milk,nor the CM powder,u can keep only 2 minutes..

Grease the plate.I usually foil the plate as it is easy to remove the burfi without breaking

All the moisture must be absorbed and it leaves some ghee in sides

Check the burfi,if u could roll a soft,dense ball...
If u want harder burfis microwave them for somemore time

 Once ready,Pour the coconut mix soon in the plate
Spread it evenly with greased knife

Let the burfi cools down to half,level the edges too

When times passes by,burfi shrinks and stays in stiff consistency
So,before it turns hard,cut the burfis into desire shapes
(Dont drag the knife,since the coconut chunks will come out)
Onces it dries out,lift the foil to remove each piece...

Yummiest burfi is ready from microwave cooking...My hubby couldnt stop eating it...The outside is crunchy and juicy in , really made my day.....
I will be sharing this burfi for Srivalli's MEC -Sweets-November,hosted by "yours only"
So Please Send in ur entries too ,before this 30th Nov....
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