Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Pori Urundai- Puffed Rice balls

Life is not always what we dream...I couldnt blog for a week as i promised...The seven days went "just like that" ,I couldn't believe its december,christmas time...nope i am not posting any cake or dessert..Its "Karthikai Deepam"...My most fav. festival...By 6 in the evening,all the ladies at home will start lightening the lamps..and make sweets in jaggery and worship god...When i was child,they used only "agal vilakku" clay made candle..I must say I am crazy lighting lamps...My mother buys lots of( liters of) oil...I go no lazy cleaning up the vilakkus,drying it,applying turmeric and kumkum,pour oil and placing them in order on trays...When the evening arrives,i would light up all the lamps and decorate the entrance n the terrace of my home...I never leave any single lamp to be idle on that day..I drill my mom to make kollam in nook n corner of  veranda....U know How many i wud lighten up...It would be thousand lamps...My paternal uncle(dad's bro) says u r just like my mom,in early 1950s ppl gathers in thanjavur to see the lamp house....My mom tells me whenever karthikai deepam passes,she miss me a lot... After marriage,i had only few vilaakus to light up my small apartment...Wish to see those Kuthu vilakku,Sara vilakku..
Now,Dont ask my sad story...I always have some..I had one and only akal vilakku and 4 candles...I managed to light them up on top ,so that i can save them from my naaty looty daug and To save my wood(be)  house too ;-)...

Puffed Rice-3 cups
Jaggery-1 cup
Cardomon powder-1 tsp
Coconut Scraps-a few
Ghee-2 tsp
Water-Quarter cup

1.Mix jaggery and water and make thickest syrup
(when all the water evaporates,the syrup bubbles on top)
The right consistency is the syrup shd not melt in water
2.Roast the coconut scrap in ghee and mix with puffed rice
3.Add the puffed rice and cardomon powder to the syrup,make as balls when it is hot
(Apply some oil in hands,so that it wont stick to hands)


Thank you

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