Monday, November 23, 2009

Pal Paniyaram

hi guys...hope u had great weekend..i am sure if u r struggling with ur two year baby girl,this chettinad dessert is going to be peace maker for u..Ur kid will luv it and gain some energy..I am a(desperate) mother who struggle to feed indian food to my dau...I have to work hard until she sticks to indian taste not for cookies n junk food..No one knows wht the kid likes unless u feed them...
I tried this paniyaram while making my idli-dosa batter...Take equal amt of urad and rice dough ,mix it well with salt..U need not have to ferment it..
Coconut milk-1 cup
lighter is better and creamer is best ;-)
Elaichi powder-a pinch
Sugar-half cup
Idli dosa batter-One cup
Salt to taste
Oil to deep Fry
1.Heat the oil,drop some batter as small balls and fry them till golden brown
2.Dilute coconut milk with half cup of water,sugar and boil them
3.Add the balls and elaichi powder to the milk
4.Boil for 2 mins and Serve hot

Do not feed too thick coconut milk for kids,as they go giddy/drowsy/sleepy
Add the balls to cow's milk and 2-3 tsp of coconut milk is better to feed one year kid
Make thick batter and filter the excess oil if any ,using tissues


Thank you

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