Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fulka/Pulka Roti

Pulka Roti is most fav gujarati roti and very easy to make...My mom do the kneading and rolling the dough very well...She makes 40 rotis for entire family at one stretch..Its lovely when someone makes it and I eat it simultaneously.. :-)

Atta/whole wheat flour-2 cups
Milk-3/4 cup
Sugar-1 tsp
Salt-1 tsp
Oil-2 tsps
Water-1/4 cup

1.Mix all the dry ingredients and add milk n water little by little(Add more water if u want)

2.Knead them well into a soft dough ,rest them aside for sometime

3.Roll into roti as thin layer(dust li'l flour)..roll the edges and make roti in even thickness

4.In med flame,Cook the roti in flat tawa ,when it bubbles,flip into other side

5.Roti pops out,apply oil both sides and serve hot

U can also cook directly on flame with precautions...


  1. Nice step by step procedure...simple & a delicious one

  2. wow! that looks yummy!
    check out the oats series round up and i welcome u to join with us in the Variety Rice series going in my blog!


Thank you

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