Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diwali Special

                                The diwali came and gone now...i had a blast..wont u?..thank u so much for ur wishes and blessings...My inbox is loaded with ur entries..Will be posting them soon...I was busy in last minute preparation of diwali made murukku,laddu,badam halwa and kaju katli...I made so many calls and discussions and found my reduced menu of sweets....This is my first diwali stand alone cooking...I must say indian sweets are toughest to make..I had tough and hard times ,saved me by my lovables....Thanks to my husband,ramya,sailu,lavanya and my patti..My heartfull thanks for all..They saved my day...
                                  When i first tried the laddu,it was complete disaster..Spoke to many and found the right way of making it...It became the best among the rest

Besan flour-2 cups
Sugar-2 cups
Fried Cashews,Raisins and cloves
Cardomon powder-half tsp
Oil to deep fry
Baking soda-a pinch
Rice flour-handful
Oil to deep frying
Hot oil-2 tsp
Yellow color-a pinch

For sugar syrup
Sugar-2 cups
Water-1 cup

1.Mix Besan flour,rice flour,baking soda well
2.Add water of 1+ quater cup,hot oil and color to flour for flowing consistency dough
3.Heat the oil , use the holed laddle and pour the dough on it
4.Fry the balls 3/4 th cooked..and save them in tissue paper to remove excess oil
5.Make the sugar syrup of one string consistency
6.Add the cardamon powder,cashews,raisins and cloves to syrup
7.Add the besan balls to syrup and make tight balls(apply oil or ghee in ur hands)

                         How i can miss the diwali without murukku.....I just made my own way of thenkulal..

                                     I wished to make halwa,and planned to do it badam way....It took lot of time to be made...standing and stirring...until my shoulder bounce down..lots of oouches while popping out...finally all to surrender in my laddle..Check vahrehvah recipe here

                                  Before anyone could say diwali is a flood of sweets,i end up my menu with kaju katli..i followed the sanjeev kapoor way of making it...I didnt want my katli,too hard to bite..just enough thin layer,with saved silvery work...

This is a very easy recipe,takes 10-15 minutes
 Kaju Katli
Cashew-2 cups
Sugar-1 cup
Water-1 cup
Ghee-4 tbsp

1.Dry Roast the cashewnuts,cool it and grind it to fine powder
2.Boil Sugar and Water for 10 minutes,until it bubbles on top
3.Add the ghee to it,stir and add the cashew powder immediately and give a quick turns into dough like
4.Grease a plate with oil or ghee,add the dough and flatten it with spatula
5.U can decorate with nuts or silver foils on top
6.Then cut them as desired shape and leave it to cool

U can also try with one cup of cashew and one cup of peanuts as i did.....

                               I post the recipes soon...Gotto some work(ing on entries)...Can Wait till 20th Oct...Bye


  1. hollo, this is all good and sweet. i like kaju kathili most. badam alva is also great. thank you.

  2. You had a great feast, rt?looks very tempting :-)

  3. I simply loved the look of badam halwa....hence I guess it would taste good too. It's been lying in my to-prepare list, for quite some time now. Guess would soon be prepared...

    And yes I had forwarded my recipe too. But no idea if u have received it.



Thank you

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