Friday, October 02, 2009

Announcing Diwali 2009 Contest

                 Send ur entries till Oct 20thContest

    Life is not always what we dream,Some expected,some will be unusual..Every year,we wish to have best of food ,dress and moment in a single day as diwali...Diwali is our one of our dream of life ..isn't it?...The only festival that makes everyone happy...
                                               Being married for three years,this is the first time i am (going) to celebrate with my husband and my daughter together.I wish to make big and better day in my blog..I will give away Gift Coupons anywhere, if u send me your best of recipes and how u celebrate(d) ur diwali /dussehra/ deepavali

Contest dates : October 2, 2009  to October 18,  2009

I am very glad to announce Diwali Contest 2009, from October 2, 2009 and goes on till October 18 2009. The round up of the contest will be posted on Oct 19, 2009. First three best entries will win an award.

Participation in the contest includes  simple steps, Here they go:

       1. Post the recipes and ur celebrations  in your blog with the link to this contest.

        2. The post must be related to your diwali celebration.

         3. The post should be published within the contest dates October 2,2009 -October 18, 2009
          4. Mail the details to - .The details to be mailed are:

         Subject of the email should be - Diwali 2009 Recipe/Post Name in the blog 
  • Post Link
  • Blog URL
  • Blog Name
  • (No need to send pictures,i 'll take it from your blog)

    5.Muliple entries from single blog is allowed
    6.Old post entries from archives are welcomed as they are re-posted with event link.
    7.If you dont have blog,participate by sending  your recipes and pictures of your diwali celebrations to above email address
    8.I will share all the entries on October 19,2009 and the winners on October 22,2009
              Feel free to leave your comments and queries.

Wishing you good luck :) Enjoy the participation @ Priya's Feast


  1. Wish you to have a great Diwali with your family and Happy hosting..

  2. Wow.. good theme, best for the festive season! Will try to send mine dear! Wishes..!

  3. Nice event Priya, will definitely send my entries..

  4. Nice theme.... will try to send my entries Priya :)

  5. Happy hosting and i will try to participate.

  6. Very nice event Priya, sent my first entry dear:)

  7. Perfect theme for the festive event Priya.. Will try to send some recipes too..
    BTW, you have a lovely blog out there.. Pls do drop by mine when you have sometime! :)
    Till then, Happy cooking!

  8. Congratulations on hosting your first event..I'll udate in the events blog...

  9. Hi priya,

    Thx for visiting my blog...I am very eager to participate in ur event..I ll def send my recipes soon..U have a lovely blog!

  10. Hi priya,

    Thx for ur frd request in i am nt active in my gmail account..i am active in my yahoo id....i ll send frd req to u frm tht id!

  11. nice events priya.i will try to participate!!

  12. Hi Priya,

    Great events will send in the entries! Lots of wishes for the diwali!

  13. Thank u @Saras,Menaga,SE@priya,Malini
    Wish the same @RV@Se
    thank u Lavanya,Roshini,Padma, Mythre,Sanghi

  14. Hey,

    Have not started with the preparations as yet. But would soon. And when I do , I would send my entries too. But not too sure how? I'm quite new to Blogging. Hence not too sure of the contests & participating in them.... I did with monsoon spice, but in vain. No responses what so ever. So was wondering may be something I'm not doing right!!!!


  15. Nice contest..i would like to participate this event..same like online free recipe contest i have seen in and i you participated in this contest..very interesting.

  16. Nice event..Will try to send in an entry :-) First time here..Lovely blog..BTW am also from Colorado, living in Boulder :-)

  17. I have cooked up something delish and different just for this event. Will post it later today and send in the entry.

  18. I have sent 2 entries(Health Mix laddu Bites and Kross-Bred Kesari) for this event. Please acknowledge via mail if you received my entry.

    Cool Lassie

  19. Hey..have sent my entries.. tons of them! -Naina


Thank you

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