Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cream of Soup


              Hope u all enjoying the fall...We got the snow early and some shots for u at the end...Few months back,when my family were busy shifting and travelling,also went ill...We were opt to have our lunch and dinner out..My husband choses the kerala restaurant "Eden"...where we hang on,when we are not really well..The cream of soup tastes like heaven, when u have the flu...and the energy is boosted to enjoy the rest of the menu ;-)...
Here is the recipe i got it from my aunt with my own zest...

Sweet Corn(Tin)-1
Milk-1 cup
Veg Stock/chicken broth-1 cup
Spring Onion chopped-1(Optional)
Any Veg or white Meat-Half cup
Cream cheese/Fresh Cream-1 cup
Cornflour-1 tsp
Egg White-1(Optional)
White/Black pepper and Salt to taste

1.Boil Sweet corn,Veg in the Vegetable stock...
2.Mix Cornflour in milk and add to boiling soup(low flame)
4.Add rest of ingredients except the cream
3.Whisk the egg white with salt and pour it on top
4.Remove it from flame,and add the cream
5.Top it with croutons roasted in desi ghee/butter

The inside story.....

Few snow shots

And thank u for the awards by Prasu and Priya,

Till next time, Good bye

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Diwali 2009 Contest - Roundup

My Dear friends,

First of all I would like to thank all my blogger friends for participating in this event, and making it a great success. I am really glad to share with you this "diwali 2009" entries sent by everyone. From bottom of my heart i would say my sincere thanks to your support, I learnt many tips from this event and by which i feel more satisfied by hosting this event. Event is all about meeting new people and sharing their good work with rest of the people.

Here are the wonderful entries i've got


NC-Manna Health Mix laddu Bites and Kross-Bred Kesari

Mriganayani-Jangiri,Laddu,Mysore pak,badusha and burfi

Rani Angamuthu-Murukku

Srividya Balaji-Mixture,Murukku,Mysore pak and Cashew burfi


Aparna Prabhu-Gajar ka Halwa

Asha-Karajjikai and Akki unde

Pavithra-Badam halwa,murukku,laddu and poli

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