Monday, September 21, 2009

Spaghetti Bolognese

I made spaghetti for one of my weekend...We love pasta as much as rice..isn't it..Its easy to make one main course meal...I wish i can change my blog into Wikipedia of pasta...There are lots of variety of sauces and pasta....I wish i detail everything in future...Today i will give super hit sauce called Bolognese..The base is tomato,of course u can see from the color..People usually stir fry cooked pasta,vegetables/meat and italian herbs(Oregano,thyme,Rosemary...).If u have quarter an hour ,u can make this pasta..
About the cheese,the pasta mix well with soft cheese like Parmesan and Romana .....or any Italian cheese..U can also try ur own favorite cheese....
Here is the recipe
Spaghetti pasta-300 gms
Tomato puree-400 gms
Any chopped or grated vegetable-1 cup
(U can add jalapeno,olives,bell peppers..)
Garlic chopped cloves-2
Italian herbs-1 tsp
Oil -3 tbsp
Any cheese-As u like

Cook Pasta in boiling water,add some salt and oil

Once,the pasta is well cooked,the water bubbles on top

Drain the water,and keep the pasta aside

If u r using upto 250gms of pasta,add double the tomato puree(not tomato sauce).Bring the puree to a boil,add the vegetables,garlic,salt and the onions ,allow them to cook at least 10-15 minutes

Switch off the flame and add the herbs and grated cheese..Close the lid for sometimes

Here the hot Spaghetti Bolognese is ready

U can also mix Alfredo sauce(white sauce) with this which is my most favorite..Hope u seen smooching the pasta soon around..

Happy Eating


  1. Wow...priya...enna eppudi kalakirenga:)...i will surely try this and give my fb...

  2. I so love them with meatballs..have the recipe in my blog as well..:)looks good Priya..:)

  3. children love pasta in any shape or form. Thanks for sharing.

    Love & Hugs

  4. Delicious visit my blog when u find time.

  5. Hi Priya

    That's a wonderful news that presently you're in US.

    All the best



Thank you

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