Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I am back with my cake

Hi .... i am back again...i had shifting to new house/place....been in travelling and worked hard on making it...It happened to cross four countries to reach my place in 24 hours(n the connecting flights at one hour time)...seems hooo no...right?...but sure ,i luv adventure,i enjoyed it and at the end i am like 'r u ok?'....i still need time to settle down here..hey thanks for comments and suggestions...i am here to give more recipes for every day(lemme get the internet first)...
I made this above cake for my husband's birthday....he loved it,so my daughter...
I used my own recipe and for frosting i used this
Hey vidhas ,thanks for ur wonderful awards..


  1. Welcome back priya! Hope you have good time in your new place settling down. Lovely cake, belated b'day wishes for ur hubby!:)

  2. Oh so sweet, the cake looks gorgeous, belated happy bday to your hubby, i know how exhausting travelling and shifting can be, enjoy settling down in ur new home and congrats on your awards, cia.


Thank you

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