Thursday, September 17, 2009


Haleem is a mix of wheat,dals and meat made with rich flavours...It is not just used to break the fasting , but also to celeberate ramzan month..Haleem is very famous in hyderabad...They used to export all over the,i used this recipe and if u want traditional haleem,check this you tube video.I am wishing all my muslim readers a very good fasting and feasting..

Bye,Happy eating!!


  1. Hi priya,

    Thx for visiting my blog and for ur lovely comments...u ve a wonderful blog..all yummy recipes...hope we cud be in touch!

  2. Hi priya,
    sounds new to me...but seeing the meat in it makes me feel hungry:))

  3. Wow...really Haleem is authentic recipe relished all through the month of Ramadan...thank u for the wishes...


Thank you

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