Saturday, September 26, 2009

Puffs using Pastry sheets

 Hi all..welcome back...i jus watched "Unnai pol Oruvan" kamalahasan movie.It was awesome,its a thriller comedy film.I enjoyed it
My family lives on main course meal and sometimes on snack.My hubby and daughter loves snacking around in the evening.I find terrible time to cook for them...I go crazy in deciding what to cook for them...Recently i bought some pastry sheets..And kept in room temperature(thawed) for 2-3 hours.. and made some hot puffs with veg stuffings.
Here is the way...
 Drizzle some(AP) flour and spread the sheet on it.Roll it to thin sheets in the same length

Cut the sheets horizontal


Stuff anything u like and close with rest of the sheet


Wet the sheet with an egg slightly(to get the brown color on top).If u r no-egg person,use milk instead.Keep them in fridge for 10 minutes before it goes to oven(I like this way,pastry puffs more layers than in room temp).Bake them at 250*F at 10 to 15 minutes in a preheated oven


Hot Puffs are ready

Friday, September 25, 2009

Coconut Milk Rice

Welcome back,hi all..i hope most of u r busy in ur farm(ville)..enjoy...I am depressed with my new kitchen since lack of things..cant settle down soon cos of prewinter in my place..the time is killing..So the weekend..I wanted to make something i luv to eat, and made this rice.We can find millions of recipes recommended for weight loss...u cook this,drink this,do that...countless.Hey i tell u if u want put on weight a pound a day,eat this..

My mother is an expert making this with chicken gravy.I love to eat this hot and until the dish gets over...this rice almost a strong sleeping pill...I could point a fine (funny) mom packed this,curd rice and chips for my honeymoon ;-)  I got down in half way to eat the lunch,ate full at ease.Had good long sleep for 2 pm to next day morning 10 am...My husband told never make this dish ever to me.heeehe....But i always love this in my lunch.My mom makes it better,the milk curdles on top,when it is cooked.

Here is the recipe

Onion chopped-1 cup
Green Chilly slited-5
Ginger garlic paste-1 tbsp
Cardomon-2 inchees
Garlic chopped-a few
Kirambu-a few
Coriander leaves-1/2 cup
Mint leaves-1/2 cup
Thick Coconut milk-2 cups
Rice-1 cup
Salt to taste
Butter/Ghee-50 gms
Some vegetables-1 cup(i didnt use this ,here)

Heat the pressure cooker,add butter,onion,chopped garlic and dry spices,fry until it turns soft
Add Ginger garlic paste,green chilies and washed rice and fry for 2 mins.Add the coconut milk(i used some thai brand,it was good)salt,coriander and mint leaves

Give a stir n close the lid

When cooker whistles for 3 times,time to celebrate...Have this rice super hot with kurma or chips..


Monday, September 21, 2009

Spaghetti Bolognese

I made spaghetti for one of my weekend...We love pasta as much as rice..isn't it..Its easy to make one main course meal...I wish i can change my blog into Wikipedia of pasta...There are lots of variety of sauces and pasta....I wish i detail everything in future...Today i will give super hit sauce called Bolognese..The base is tomato,of course u can see from the color..People usually stir fry cooked pasta,vegetables/meat and italian herbs(Oregano,thyme,Rosemary...).If u have quarter an hour ,u can make this pasta..
About the cheese,the pasta mix well with soft cheese like Parmesan and Romana .....or any Italian cheese..U can also try ur own favorite cheese....
Here is the recipe
Spaghetti pasta-300 gms
Tomato puree-400 gms
Any chopped or grated vegetable-1 cup
(U can add jalapeno,olives,bell peppers..)
Garlic chopped cloves-2
Italian herbs-1 tsp
Oil -3 tbsp
Any cheese-As u like

Cook Pasta in boiling water,add some salt and oil

Once,the pasta is well cooked,the water bubbles on top

Drain the water,and keep the pasta aside

If u r using upto 250gms of pasta,add double the tomato puree(not tomato sauce).Bring the puree to a boil,add the vegetables,garlic,salt and the onions ,allow them to cook at least 10-15 minutes

Switch off the flame and add the herbs and grated cheese..Close the lid for sometimes

Here the hot Spaghetti Bolognese is ready

U can also mix Alfredo sauce(white sauce) with this which is my most favorite..Hope u seen smooching the pasta soon around..

Happy Eating

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Haleem is a mix of wheat,dals and meat made with rich flavours...It is not just used to break the fasting , but also to celeberate ramzan month..Haleem is very famous in hyderabad...They used to export all over the,i used this recipe and if u want traditional haleem,check this you tube video.I am wishing all my muslim readers a very good fasting and feasting..

Bye,Happy eating!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

I wondered how chinese fried rice is so snowy white and tastes yum...and the vegetables are so crunchy..i been to my aunt's place recently,when she was busy making this for her is her recipe for u..

Milk-1/3 cup
Water-1 + half cups
Rice-1 cup
Chopped Vegetables-half cup
Chicken shredded or chopped-Quarter cup
Spring Onion finely chopped -1
Ajinomoto-a pinch
Vinegar-1 tbsp
Salt-1 tsp
Sugar-half tsp
Oil-2 tsp

1.Boil water,milk,oil-a drop,rice and pinch of salt in a pan,close the lid until it cooks in medium flame
2.In another pan,Saute vegetables and chicken in oil for 1 min,then add the vinegar,sugar give a stir and close the lid and cook for 2-3 minutes
3.Once the veg is semi-cooked,add the rice and rest of the ingredients,cook for another 2 minutes and serve it hot
4.U can also add scrambled eggs too..yummy isn't it?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I am back with my cake

Hi .... i am back again...i had shifting to new house/place....been in travelling and worked hard on making it...It happened to cross four countries to reach my place in 24 hours(n the connecting flights at one hour time)...seems hooo no...right?...but sure ,i luv adventure,i enjoyed it and at the end i am like 'r u ok?'....i still need time to settle down here..hey thanks for comments and suggestions...i am here to give more recipes for every day(lemme get the internet first)...
I made this above cake for my husband's birthday....he loved it,so my daughter...
I used my own recipe and for frosting i used this
Hey vidhas ,thanks for ur wonderful awards..
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