Friday, June 26, 2009

Chettinad Pal Kozhukattai

This is the first Chettinad sweet i ever tried during my college,its an authentic chettinad sweet which is quit little tough to make...This dish proved me ,as a good cook among my friends and family..My parents loves this sweet...My husband doesnt tasted many of my best ever dishes...I made this dish after a long gap...hmmm...after three years.The reason is for my daughter's second birthday..She loved it...

For dough
Rice flour-1 cup
Hot Water-1+1/4 cup
Salt to taste
Jaggery-1 cup
(Grated,n pureed)
Coconut milk-pure
Coconut milk-purer
Coconut milk-purest
Rasins-a few
Cashew-a few
Ghee-1 tbsp
Elachi powder-3 pinches
Pacha Karpuram-2 pinches

1.Extract Coconut milk from coconut using hot water,the first one u get the purest.Second is little diluted ,third is more diluted..Take 5 cups of coconut milk and save all of them seperately
2.Use same cup for measuring rice,jaggery and coconut milk
3.Make thick dough with rice flour ,salt and hot water given
4.Make jaggery into powder and dissolve it in one cup of water
5.Filter the jaggery water and put on the flame

Allow the jaggery syrup to boil well

Add the rice dough to murukku squeezer,and squeeze the dough all over the syrup..Donot stir with spoon.Allow the dough to cook well for 2 minutes.The long strings splits by itself.

After 2 miutes, add the Coconut milk(most dilute one) ,and squeeze some more strings and allow it to cook for 2 minutes

See..How the strings r cooked and not dissolved...u will get these only when u dont stir it often until it cooks well and floats on top

Repeat the same process until all the rice dough gets over...Once its done,Add the purest coconut milk and give a stir and Switch off

Add Elachi powder n Pacha karpuram n mix well
Garnish with roasted nuts n raisins

  1. Dont add more concentrated coconut milk
  2. Use 3 cups of grated coconut and extract 3 levels of coconut milk(5 cups)
  3. Cook this sweet in low flame
  4. U can also make balls instead of strings
  5. Strings melt and makes the sweet further thick n gives nice taste
  6. If u dont want it thick,u can add water
  7. Can also garnish with coconut strips(roasted in ghee) and coconut oil

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