Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Casatta Icecream

Casatta Icecream
Sponge Cake size equals to ur Bowl Size
Any three to five different colors of Icecreams
Toppings Nuts,Tutty fruity..etc as u like
1.Take any well shaped square or round bowl
2.Cut thick layers of sponge cake and place it in base and all the corners of bowl.Make sure u dont have any gaps left.
3.Melt all the icecream to semi liquid (like butter at room temp) consistency
4.Layer two different icecreams and freeze it.
5.Level each layer equally by butter knife
6.Make sure ur icecreams each goes 200 gms(this varies with ur bowl, choosed) to form thick layer
7.If u try to make thin layer of icecream,it melts soon and merge with other icecreams
8.I added Strawberry,plain vanilla,mango,chickoo and finally the chocolate icecream
9.If u keep casatta out of freezer for long time,the cakes becomes soggy
10.Always keep casatta always in coolest mode
11.To serve,keep casatta bowl out of freezer for a minute,then unmould on a plate
12.Immediately cut the icecream as fine slices : One side will be cake,other is icecream and other is nuts (i didnt garnish here)
13.U can also preserve as slices ,each slice covering it with butter paper
14.This is an old type icecream cake

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  1. priya this looks so goodear.. I love the layers you made :P tempting.


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