Sunday, March 22, 2009

Caramel Popcorn

Hi everyone,Hope u guys ready for vacation and gotta manage ur kids eeeeeeeerrrrrrrr.........I show a easy way of yummy popcorns that make ur kids busy for a while....I tell u,they roam with his popcorn handful entire vacation...
Here is simple and little tough recipe
Popcorn(popped)-4 cups
Butter-150 gms
White/Brown Sugar-200 gms
1.Melt Butter in microwave for one minute
2.Add Sugar + one tbsp water

3.Microwave 3 mins for high,stir every one minute to avoid sticking at bottom
4.Sugar melts ,and turns brown(not black)
5.Take a drop of syrup and pour it on plate,if it is sticking continue cooking
6.They say string consistency (kambi patham in tamil).If u add a drop of syrup to water,it doesnot dissolves,rather settle down.Take it out in hand,try to roll the drop as ball,if it does,the syrup is in string consistency.
7.The syrup will be hot and turn hard as soon as it cools down

8.Pour the syrup over the pop corn
9.Allow pop corn to cool down

10.First it will be chewy,after 2-3 hours ,it dries and becomes crunchy. Store it in air tight jar.
11.U can also roll them into balls when it is hot.

12.The syrup can be preserved and re used
I am sending this recipe to Sunday Snacks : Grab n Go event.Thank u.


  1. Hi Priya

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  2. Hi Priya..Caramel popcorn seems an excellent idea..if u wish u can send this caramel popcorn as u prepared the syrup with microwave to an event using microwave hosted by me..Check my blog for this event, send me ur entries..thanks in advance..

  3. OOps i forget to mention that send any savoury microwave snacks, sorry for the first comment..

  4. i do my post at savoury event soon...Anys thanks for ur comments..


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